A Daily Goddess Anointing Ritual

A Daily Goddess Anointing Ritual

I grew up in a Christian household with witchy tendencies. My mother’s southern hoodoo roots overlapped with her ministry studies, particularly when it came to things like holy oil. Like Robitussin in any Black household, or Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Mom used holy oil for everything. Time to pray, meditate, or lay hands? Put some holy oil on it. Need to bless the house, your car, your wallet? Put some holy oil on it. Cramps, headache, pasta a little too dry? Put some holy oil on it. (Holy oil was just EVOO that was prayed over and blessed, so you were just “ingesting the blessings of God.”)

The thing about my mom’s holy oil was that in all these applications, it worked. Her energy, her wordful prayers, and her faith in power of her God all aligned to create a tangible tool of spiritual healing and blessing. She taught my sister and I how to make it, just as her foremothers had taught her. And when I found the Goddess, I took this tradition with me, adding a bit more ‘witch’ to the recipe in the forms of essential oils, herbs, crystals, and Goddess invocations.

The Anointing Oils I make are blessing oils, holy oils. And while you can’t dress your spaghetti with them, you can use them in ritual work, spellcrafting, and to connect with the magick of the Goddess.

My favorite way to use my Anointing Oils are in a daily self-blessing. I choose the deity I need to align with, grab a bottle of the oil I’ve created for them, and anoint my pulse points and chakras as I pray/cast. I find that this practice not only keeps me in tune with the Divine Feminine, but with my personal goals and ideals for my life. Plus, I smell amazing all day long.

It’s a simple process:

Take your Goddess Anointing Oil and roll the bottle between your palms to warm the liquid within. Take a few deep breaths, centering yourself in your being. Think of the deity you wish to connect with, and call to them in your own words. When you are ready, roll a bit of  your oil into the palms of your hands, and rub your hands together.


Anoint your feet with the oil, saying:
Blessed be my feet, that I may walk the path of my intentions.
Anoint your knees and say:
Blessed be my knees, that I may never kneel in fear or sadness.
Anoint your womb/stomach with your oil, saying:
Blessed be my womb, that I may create the life of my choosing.
Anoint your heart with the oil, and say:
Blessed be my heart, that I may love and be loved, unconditionally.
Anoint your third eye (center of your forehead) , and say:
Blessed be my mind, that I may honor myself with my choices.
Anoint your crown (top of your head), and say:
Blessed be my connection to you, (your deity), that you may guide me through this day.


Take five slow, deep breaths, giving yourself the space to accept and ground in the energy you’ve raised.


Now, go out and have a magickal day!


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Exactly what I was looking for! I’ve just begun “Sacred Woman” Gateway 0 and when she’s saying to “anoint and bless the crown, third eye, heart, and womb” with frankincense, I wasn’t sure what that meant exactly. I’d never used anointing oil and wasn’t sure what blessing truly meant in this case.
Thank you!


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