Elemental Magick: The Power of Water

Elemental Magick: The Power of Water

In witchcraft and other spiritual practices, the elements represent particular aspects of our mental, physical, and emotional selves. Earth is our sense of security and abundance; Air our wisdom and how we act up on it. Fire is our passions and desires; Water our love and compassion. Spirit is our connection to the Divine and the mysteries of the subconscious.  By studying the characteristics of these energies, you gain a greater understanding of yourself, as well as your magick and spellcraft.

In the West we find elemental Water, the energy of love, emotions, intuition, and healing. Water is often related to the Goddess, its aspects being classically feminine in nature, as well as the power the moon has over the tide. The ocean is often described as the womb of the Mother, and is used by many spiritualists to reconnect to the Divine and promote energetic healing.

The majority of our healing and rejuvenation practices are related to water  – a warm bath, a visit to the spa, an impromptu trip to the beach. We dedicate and consecrate water to make it “holy”; we entrust it to purify our bodies and our material belongings.

As it rules the emotions, Water also stimulates our passion in regards to romantic and familial love. It is within Water we learn the gentleness of falling in love, the security of our family’s (blood or chosen) affection, the comfort of our friend’s presence.  In order to truly accept and spread love we must communicate effectively, and the power of water gives eloquence and understanding, guiding us to discover and effectively speak our truth.

The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea.

- Isak Dinesen


Science tells us that we are 60% water; we can relate this to an understanding that the majority of our being is made from love and compassion. The flow of our emotions mimics the flow of water; the tide rises and falls depending on our circumstances. Water teaches us to open our hearts, to feel our emotions truly and deeply, to ride the wave while having faith that the waters will eventually be still.

Elemental water is connected to right-brain thinking; here, our creativity and divine inspiration are stimulated by way of our intuition. Divination tools, such as scrying, tarot cards, etc, are ruled by elemental Water as they are ways to expand our consciousness, and strengthen our communication with our guides and gods. As creation is stimulated by inspiration and passion, water also rules the arts, including writing, painting, acting, and dance.



Rules over: Sacred Love. Prophecy, oracles, intuition, divination. Sleep, dreaming, meditation, serenity, peace, calm.  Advice, counseling, acceptance, empathy, health and healing. The womb, sensuality, beauty, love, romance, emotions, friendships, relationships. Unconditional love, forgiveness.

Direction: West

Time of Day: Twilight

Season: Autumn

Colors: Blues and greens of the sea, purple, indigo, gray

Sense: Taste

Astrological Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Tarot Correspondence: Cups

Type of Energy: Receptive

Tools: Cup, Cauldron

Natural Symbols: Cup of water, seashells, sea stars, ice, scrying and divination tools.

Animals: All sea creatures and fish, sea birds, Loch Ness monster, mermaids

Places: Lakes, springs, streams, rivers, beaches, oceans, wells, swimming pools, bathtubs, showers, bedrooms (sleep), spas and steam rooms, fountains

Ritual Forms: Dilution, placing into water, washing away, bathing, messages in a bottle, setting leaf boats afloat, freezing.


Water Goddesses

Review the correspondence list for the aspects Water rules. Any Goddess who also has rules these aspects can be considered an elemental Water Goddess. For ways to call in their energy, review the correspondence list, as well as the Bonus Activities.

Here are a few examples of Water Goddesses:

Aphrodite/Venus (Greek/Roman)

Blodeuwedd (Welsh)

Circe/Marica  (Greek/Roman)

Hathor  (Egyptian)

Kuan Yin (Chinese)

Oshun (African/Yoruban)

Parvati (Hindu)

Sedna (Inuit)

Sulis (Celtic)

Tiamat (Babylonian)

Yemaya (African/Yoruban)


Journal Questions

  • How does your intuition communicate with you? Is it a gut feeling, or do you hear a voice, or maybe in dreams? How could you strengthen this connection?
  • Do you find it easy to express your affection for people? Why or why not?
  • Do you find it easy to accept affection, compliments, love from others? Why or why not?
  • What part of your body needs healing?
  • What part of your mind needs healing?
  • What part of your spirit needs healing?


Bonus Activities

  • Start blessing your drinking water. Check out the book and documentary The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto.
  • Ritual bathing! Take a long, hot bath. Fill it with your favorite soaps and oils, and maybe even dedicate the water to a specific purpose. What power and influence would you like water to bring into your life? Fill your bathtub, place your hands in the water, and speak to the element. Ask it for whatever it is you need. Then soak away, knowing you’ve been heard and that water is cradling and blessing you.
  • Spa day! Soak in the Jacuzzi, sweat in the steam room. Honor the water of your body and the world by giving yourself a bit of healing and comfort.
  • Visit a river/lake/beach and just observe the power of water for a little while.


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