Give it to the Earth: Magick for Protection and Defense

Give it to the Earth: Magick for Protection and Defense

The Earth is powerful component of defensive magick. It is the an element that supports us in all our endeavors, whether we are planting seeds to blossom and bloom, or giving our troubles to the soil to be transformed.

We bury things in the earth to transform them: seeds, bodies, intentions. The soil uses its powers of fertility and life to transmute the negative into something positive and abundant, and to expand the positive into something glorious and prosperous.  In protection and defensive magick, we commit tools to the earth to cleanse them of a negative vibration, and/or to banish an energy or an intention, or to create a protective barrier.

How do you know what to bury? This is where we find the basics of crafting a spell, and where your knowledge of metaphysical and spiritual tools comes into play.

One of the simplest ways is to write down what it is you wish to defend yourself against, or why you need protection, and bury that paper in the earth with a few items to boost the energy. For example, let’s say there’s a coworker who deliberately makes your days a living hell. In addition to taking the proper steps at work, you want to add a little magickal juice to your self-defense.

Write down the issue on a slip of paper in black ink. Then, research your crystals and find one that would help neutralize the situation. Are you trying to neutralize gossip? Keep negative energy away from you? (Check out the list of crystals in the Earth Correspondence section).

Then, research your herbs. Which herbs align with your intention? Choose one. You can use the actual herb, the essential oil, or both.

Take your slip of paper and place your herb and crystal on top of it, and fold it into a little packet. Hold this packet in your hands, and let your energy fill it with your intention.

Choose where you want to bury your packet. 

Where you bury your items is just as important as what you bury.  

  • Dirt from a crossroads is used for every intention, but is particularly effective for protection, blessings, and banishments.   
  • Graveyard dirt is a way calling in spirits, ghosts, and ancestors into your working.  
  • Burying something in your yard or garden is best for workings pertaining to your home or family.
  • Natural forest areas, as far from civilization as possible, can be used for any purpose, and in my experience, have the best success rate for Earth spells.  

Dig your hole with as few tools as possible. You may need a spoon or a spade to get you started, but once the ground is broken, dig with your hands. Your hole doesn’t need to be too deep or wide – perhaps just large enough to fit your fist inside it.

Place your packet inside of it, and speak your intention out loud. Then say something to the effect of:

I give my troubles to the Earth

That they may be transformed into energy that serves my Highest Good.

Thank you Earth, for supporting me with every step.

Send a burst of energy to the packet, visualizing yourself free of your troubles. Cover your packet with the soil, walk away, and don’t look back.

Your intention is now a seed in the Earth, the magick of the soil spreading throughout the land in all directions, to bloom, blossom, and protect you with every step you take. This working can be used for virtually any purpose, whether defensive, offensive, or manifestation magick.

Is it too difficult for you to go outside and find a patch of good earth? Then make a Jar of Dirt!

 The process is exactly the same as above, but instead of burying your packet, grab a jar and some soil (from a natural place, or head over to Home Depot and get some planter’s soil). Layer the bottom of your jar in dirt, place your packet inside, and cover with the remaining soil. Place on your altar or in your sacred space for 3- 7 days, then hide the jar in the back of a dark cupboard or closet. 

When you are able, or when the spell is complete, take the jar and bury the contents.



Here are a few different methods of burying things in the earth:

Protect your home by gathering four earth protection crystals and burying one in each corner of your front and back yard, creating a square as an energetic wall of defense. If you don’t have a yard, you can place the crystals inside your home in the furthest corners of each room (just create the same square shape).

Don’t have any crystals or tools to spare? Simply dig a hole into the Earth and speak your intention for protection and defense into it. Your voice is the spell (we’ll cover this topic more in the Air section of class). Cover up the hole, knowing the work is done. If you are unable to dig a hole, take a handful of dirt or planter’s soil, and speak your intention into that. Place it in a bag and while you are outdoors, give the soil to the earth. You can also just roll down your car window and sprinkle the dirt out while you are driving!

You can also use a potted plant to bury your packet or your crystals!


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