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Guiding Goddess and Lunar Horoscope for May 2020

May 2020 opens us to the emotional and passionate energy of Spring. It is with the Goddess FLORA we renew our hearts and bloom into bliss.

Flora is the Roman Goddess of Spring, Fertility, and Flowers. She is considered to be a handmaiden of the Goddess Ceres, and such is Her power that Her name now defines all flowering and fruitful plant life.  Flora is everything that flowers are: natural, beautiful, sensual, and life-sustaining.  Her festival, the Floralia or Florae, was celebrated towards the end of April through early May; it was a time of singing, dancing, costumes, drinking and sexual freedom. In Greece, She was called Chloris.

As the Goddess of flowers and springtime, Flora is a Maiden deity carrying the energy of beauty, love, growth, and passion.  She rules the blooming of plants and the blossoming of girls into womanhood. Flora teaches us to honor the transitions of the seasons as they are reflected within ourselves; the renewal of Spring is the revitalization of our bodies, our minds, and our day-to-day lives. Just as the Earth awakens from its winter slumber to pollinate, create, and grow, so does the feminine awaken into playfulness, creativity, exploration, and sexual discovery. 

Flora is also seen as a Goddess of love, embodying the free spirit of pleasure, laughter, and the joy of ‘living in the moment’. She enlivens the pieces of our hearts that have become dormant due to loss, neglect, and frigidity by inspiring us to indulge in our desires. The fertile magick She offers stimulates the growth of the Earth (thereby supporting all plant, animal, and human life), and also activates centering of self through the sacral and root chakras. This sensual grounding allows you to experience life as a cultivation of pleasure, charm, beauty, and passion. Flora is an ideal energy to invoke for Beltane!


May 7th 2020: Full Moon in Scorpio

The Full Moon in Scorpio - which is also the Full Flower Moon - pushes you to ‘feel all the feels’ by opening a deep, passionate connection to your emotions. The flow of energy this week allows you to give of yourself emotionally, as well as to receive love and attention without discomfort. Relationships are at a height, with loved ones communicating their needs openly and inspiring you to do the same. This vibration plays strongly in romantic areas but also has adds some sparkle to platonic friendships.

Let your heart revive itself this and bloom like a wild rose this lunar cycle. Call to Goddess Flora to help you cultivate your emotional needs. Herbal magick using flower petals and roots, as well as filling your home with fresh flowers and plant life is a wonderful and easy way to call in this Goddess’ influence. Coordinate your floral choices to plants and blossoms that stimulate the heart, sacral, and root chakras.


May 22nd 2020: New Moon in Gemini

This week brings us all the sacredness of the number 2 with the New Moon in Gemini occurring on the 22nd day of the month in the year 2020. Plus in numerology, 2 is said to represent the Moon and the Divine Feminine - how’s that for a sign?

The number 2 signifies unity between two opposing yet equally balanced sides: sun and moon, yin and yang, active and passive. This lunar cycle wants you to take all that emotion from earlier in the month and balance it with your mental processes. You want a strong heart and a strong mind, not to bounce from one extreme to the other. You’ll need this clarity of love and thought when it comes to your decision making this week; be sure you that any changes you implement in your life are founded in both your emotional understanding and your common sense.


"The goddess Flora replied to my questions, as she talks, her lips breathe spring roses…”

- Ovid, Fasti 5. 193 ff (trans.Boyle)


Flora Correspondences

Energy: springtime, blossoming, youth, beauty, love, vegetation, fertility, leisurely pastimes, fruits, agriculture, sexual awakening, sexuality, celebrations, festivals, balance, pleasure, love, Beltane energy

Color: yellow, green, pink, red, blue

Fragrance: all flowers and fruits

Ritual spaces: gardens, groves, greenhouses

Totems: caterpillar, butterfly, bee, sparrow


Flora Guiding Goddess Oil (limit quantities, available only during May 2020)

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