Honing Your Intuition

Honing Your Intuition


Everyone is born with an intuitive gift, and a bit of magick, in their blood. Intuition is highly individual and can manifest in a magnitude of ways: intuitive dreams, seeing ghosts, being a “good guesser”, to name a few. For some, it’s a voice in your mind, a whisper that sounds like your voice, but is not quite you. For others, it can be a tingling in the belly, or a certain taste in the mouth. Getting to know how your intuition speaks to you is a personal process.

In our work as Priestesses and Goddess practitioners, we often come across energies, signs, and entities we must interpret and explain. The Goddess and the mystical beings of the Universe speak to us metaphorically - in allegories, symbols, and signs. Literal interpretations are more reserved for the physical world and the conscious mind. We interpret the messages from the Otherworld through our chakras: the Crown Chakra is where we receive the information, and the Third Eye is where we interpret what we saw or heard.

We can hone our gifts, or we can ignore them.  If we ignore them, they may lose their strength and go silent (but they never go away). Or, we can listen and act on our intuition, which strengthens abilities and builds a connection to the spiritual world. The more you practice using your intuitive talents, the stronger they get.

As an intuitive, magickal person, you have to be able to recognize your own voice from the voice of Goddess, the singing of an animal guide, the whispers of an ancestor. You need to know what sights, smells, and sounds help you slip into an intuitive state. You should know your fears, your loves, your joys, and your dislikes, so that your own opinions don’t taint or stain the reading.

In short, you need to be able to recognize your own soul.

So, let’s grab our journals and get started!

First, make a list of your everyday-life favorites: your favorite color, your preferred scent, music, foods, style of dress, etc. What relaxes you, what makes you happy, etc.

Next, use the same parameters to make a list of your spiritual-life favorites: what color, scent, sounds help you ease into a spiritual frame of mind? What fabrics and style of dress make you feel connected to the mystical?

Now compare your two lists and note the differences.


it's a sign!


For example, the color red is my spiritual color. Wearing it makes me feel like a Priestess, the Goddesses I worship align with red, and I can stare at it and slip into a meditative and oracular state.

But lately, my favorite everyday-life color is green. Green makes me feel abundant and bright, grounded and fertile.

So, if I needed to quickly slip into an intuitive and mystical state, I would surround myself with the color red and use it as a magickal tool - even though I may personally want to be surrounded by green. I would burn nag champa instead of rose incense. I would play the Shaman Drums CD instead of Beyonce.

And if I were to shout “give me a sign!” at the sky for whatever reason, I would then be on the lookout for the color red for the rest of my day. Or the smell of nag champa. Or the sound of drums in the physical or the astral.

Because those things are my spiritual cues, and I’ve trained myself accordingly. I’ve taken the time to figure out what I resonate to spirituality, to find the physical-world ways Goddess speaks to me, so I can immediately recognize those things when they show up in my life. I stopped responding spiritually to the things I liked personally. 

Example: I meet a gorgeous man who's dressed in green and smells like roses and is humming Beyonce. So, I'm thinking, " Look at the signs! He's perfect! Goddess sent him just for me!" We start dating and I find out he's married, and a heroin addict, and he says liberry instead of library. And then I go whining to Goddess, saying "Why?? The signs said he was perfect for me!" And Goddess responds: "No. Those weren't signs from me. Those were signs from YOU."

Get it?

What I'm describing here is a small step towards discernment, and the honing of the intuition. Knowing what I like and dislike personally and spiritually allows me to easily decipher what I'm seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling when I'm vision-questing, giving an intuitive reading, or channeling Goddess.  I've created these spiritual signposts to know when it's actually Goddess speaking, and not my own predilections. 

Good luck, and Happy Discovering!



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Some of us will find that our personal preferences overlap into our spiritual ones. In that situation, I simply ask/tell Goddess (and my intuition), “hey, I’m not sure if this is you or me, so I’m gonna need another sign.”
Also, you can intentionally pick a specific smell, feeling, rhythm, etc. for your spiritual side and start cultivating it as a trigger.

Priestess Brandi Auset

This post was a real eye-opener for me, though not in the way one would expect. I loved the idea of contrasting our personal preferences and our spiritual triggers, but as I gave it some preliminary thought (I will sit down and do a more thorough list making) I was surprised to find that almost all of what I would list as personal preferences are also my spiritual preferences, the things that move me into a more spiritual space. While on the one hand this congruence seems positive to me, it also seems a little weird, and not in the usual good way 😛.


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