How to Use Candle Magick to Manifest Your Desires

How to Use Candle Magick to Manifest Your Desires

Candles are an easy and magickal way of unifying your intention, your magick, and universal energy to manifest your desires.

The candle acts as a physical representation of the energy you are placing towards your goal. Burning the candle releases that energy into the universe, aiding you towards your ultimate manifestation.

Choose your candle color according to the desire you want to manifest. Here’s a quick reference color list:

Red – passion, sensuality, love, desire, sexuality, protection, safety, security, fire spells, overcoming fear, divine will, independence, physical strength, yang energy, prosperity, determination, the yoni, the phallus, romance, relationships

Orange – creativity, desire, artistic talent, manifestation, accomplishment, success, prosperity, self-love, interests and hobbies, wisdom based in love, womb energy, life energy, attraction, total life prosperity based on your desires, legal situations, road opener

Yellow – center of self, self knowing, wisdom, study, air energy, sun energy, faery energy, self-evolution, self-love, self-knowing, confidence, pride, ego, joy, happiness, optimism, friendships

Green – abundance, prosperity, material blessings, money, earth energy, fertility, growth, love for humanity, animal energy, home, growth, expansion, health and healing, harmony, luck, beauty, employment, earthly peace, grounding and centering

Blue – health and healing, water energy, expression, truth, honesty, inner knowing, peace, calm, dream magick, lucid dreaming, renewal, purification, cleansing, meditation

Purple – spiritual blessings, third eye, intuition, divination, royalty, authenticity, ancestor work, moon energy, magick, witchcraft astral projection, spiritual protection, meditation

Black – spiritual protection, hexing, calling the dead, deep meditation, inter-dimensional magick, removing negativity, uncrossing, unblocking, the shadow self, ending a relationship, cleansing, getting rid of bad habits

White – Divine energy, spiritual energy, blessings. As the white color ray contains all colors, it can be used as a substitution for any other color.


You can use a candle of any shape; I suggest a taper or pillar shaped as they tend to burn evenly and efficiently.

Pick an intention or a goal you would like to manifest. Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes, and visualize yourself achieving your goal – see it, smell it, imagine what it will feel like. When you feel your energy is at its height, use your fingernail or a sharp instrument to carve your intention (words or symbols) into the candle.

You can surround your candle with the herbs and crystals that align with your intention to give your working a power boost. You can also anoint your candle with your favorite essential oil, divine spray, or holy oil to add a fragrant increase of energy to your intention.

Place your candle someplace it won’t be disturbed; your altar, or someplace similarly special is a good space.

Light your candle as you focus on your intention, perhaps speaking your intention aloud, meditating, or reciting your favorite mantra before the flames. Then, leave the candle to burn in peace. Every time you pass it or see the flame, give gratitude your wish is being fulfilled.

It is best to let your candle burn uninterrupted until it burns completely out in order to achieve the most successful results. However, there are times when we have to leave our candles unattended; if you don’t feel comfortable letting your candle burn when you aren’t there to keep an eye on it, it’s okay to snuff your candle out. Blowing your candles out is thought to disperse the candle energy in a negative way, so simply wet your thumb and forefinger and pinch the wick to extinguish the flame, or use a candle snuffer.

As you extinguish your candle, say: Though I extinguish you in the physical, you still burn bright in the astral.

When you relight your candle, say: As the flame burns, the power is released.

Know that as the candle burns, the frequency of your intention is amplified and your magick is manifesting!


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