Understanding the Third Eye Chakra

Understanding the Third Eye Chakra

Also called the Brow Chakra, the Third Eye in Sanskrit is Ajna, which translates as to perceive, or to command. This energy center is a spiritual powerhouse, allowing us to see both the inner and outer worlds. It rules insights, the intellect, and intuition, as well as the gifts of clarity and understanding. The Third Eye Chakra is located in the forehead, between and slightly above the eyebrows. Its color is indigo, or vibrant purple.

Realities and Illusions

The  Third Eye is the realm of the consciousness, and the unconscious mind. The images we see with our physical eyes are held in our memory, which is the basis of our perception and understanding. The Brow Chakra is where those images are interpreted, where patterns are recognized and applied to your life. We not only see what is going on, but we also know what each action and reaction means. Here, we also break free of patterns – including preconceived notions and judgments – and arrive in the area of spiritual growth and clear discernment. We learn something new, and if we are brave and willing to surrender to the process, we transform.

Every day, we are influenced by imagery and dialogue that tells us who we should be in the world. Billboards and magazines tell us how we are ‘supposed’ to look; politicians and gurus tell us how we are  ‘supposed’ to feel; television and movies suggest what is appropriate behavior in society. We take this information into our conscious mind, where we unconsciously allow it to create illusions of Self, which we then make our  reality (if we don’t have a the new iPhone then we aren’t successful, if we aren’t married, it means we’re unlovable, etc).   

Within the Ajna, we have the ability to perceive the  difference between reality and illusions, between logic and emotions. We can  cut through the fantasies and delusions this world offers us in the form of  societal expectations, and gain access to deeper truths. We see and perceive  our Self, in the Universal and personal sense, i.e. the microcosm/macrocosm.  The better you become at deciphering images, and learning which ones serve you  and which to leave behind, the stronger your inner vision and wisdom become.  With the increase of wisdom, the Third Eye opens and expands.

Intuition and Awareness

The most prominent function of the Third Eye is as the intuitive center, the realm  of our ‘sixth sense’. It is here inner knowledge, intuition, and psychic talents are developed and expressed. The Ajna is the literal spiritual eye, seeing beyond the veil of human reality and into the realm of the unknown, the mystery – that which cannot be explained by societal logic. It is the realm of visions, non-verbal communication, divination, energy work, and awareness. When you see something "with your mind's eye," you are seeing it with the Brow Chakra.

Intuition is a powerful, important part of the development of Self, as this is where we learn to trust our decisions. In the Third Eye, we can envision the results of our choices with a clear and discerning mind, as well as perceive the unspoken or unseen aspects of the situation. This is the heightening and Divine aspect of the “gut instinct” found in the Sacral Chakra. 

Spirit speaks metaphorically, in allegories, symbols, and signs, as literal interpretations are more reserved for the physical world and conscious mind.  If we were to say the Crown Chakra is where God speaks, then the Third Eye is where you interpret what God said.  These interpretations are done through abilities such as clairvoyance, dreams, astral travel, etc. The Ajna is a space of higher consciousness and can be stimulated in order to increase intuitive abilities.  

Here are a few examples of intuitive abilities:

Astral Projection - The ability to move your conscious awareness to a  position outside of your physical body.  

Clairaudient  – clear hearing The ability to  receive intuitive messages/sense energies via sound, or inner hearing (voices  in the mind, voices only you can hear) 

Claircognizance  - clear knowing The ability to  receive intuitive messages/sense energies via thought. A sudden unmistakable  knowing with no logic to back it up.

Clairgustance  -  clear tasting The ability to receive  intuitive messages/sense energies via taste, tasting without actually putting  anything in your mouth.  (flavors only  you can taste)

Clairolfaction  – clear smelling The ability to  receive intuitive messages/sense energies via smells, fragrances, odors.  (smells only you can smell)

Clairsentient  – clear feeling The ability to  receive intuitive messages/sense energies via feelings, emotions, or physical  sensations.  

Clairvoyance  – clear seeing The ability to receive  intuitive messages/sense energies via visions and dreams.

Precognition -  The ability to foretell the future, obtaining specific information about an  event.

Psychometry -  The ability to perceive energies, vibrations, or impressions from an object via  touch.

The Brow Chakra in balance has both sides of the  brain operating in synchronicity – a good workable balance of creative and  logical thinking. You are open to new ideas, and have a strong intellect, good  memory, and an ease with learning. Good decision making and an understanding  connection to your Higher Self are signs of a balanced Ajna.

If the Third Eye is overactive, you may suffer from intuitive overload:  fantasies, hallucinations, excess empathy, delusions, and obsessive thoughts.  At times you may suffer from headaches or vision problems. Jumping to conclusions, difficulty making decisions and a sense of confusion are signs of an over-stimulated Brow Chakra.

When the Third Eye is underactive, it can manifest as stubbornness and narcissism regarding your view of the world. There may be difficulty understanding or accepting spiritual concepts and ideas, and a lack of empathy towards others. There is also a tendency towards judgment, and over-intellectualism. 

A balanced Third Eye leads to strong intuitive abilities and a comfort with activities like meditation and visualization. If this chakra is highly developed, you will have an expanded spiritual awareness, heightened intuition and insight, and an ability to perceive energies on  non-ordinary planes. 



Sanskrit  name: Ajna (perception)

Color:  Indigo, purple to violet

Element:  Light

Sound:  AUM (Om, Ohm)

Virtues:  intuition, imagination, conscious mind, unconscious mind, vision, sight,  clarity, insight, wisdom, intellect, spiritual awareness, dreams, visualization

Vices:  Illusions, self deception, ignorance, stubbornness, poor memory, denial,  delusions, obsessions, lack of imagination, difficulty visualizing, resistant  to change, skepticism

Body  Association:  The brow, middle of forehead.  Eyes, base of skull, brow. Pituitary gland, pineal gland

Divine Feminine: Priestess

Sacred Masculine: Magician

Scents:  spruce, frankincense, elemi, clary sage, rosemary, myrrh, lemon, orange,  vanilla, juniper berry, geranium, rosewood

Crystals:  amethyst, lapis lazuli, labradorite, diamond, sapphire, azurite, angelite,  purple fluorite, aqua aura, barite, sugilite

Herbs:  mugwort, vanilla bean, sesame seeds, marijuana, psychedelic mushrooms 


  • I  am in touch with my inner guidance.
  • I  listen to my deepest wisdom.
  • I  seek to understand and to learn from my life experiences. 
  • I  nurture my spirit.
  • I  listen to the wisdom of elders and ancestors.
  • I  trust my intuition.
  • I  can manifest my vision.
  • I  forgive the past and learn what needs to be learned.
  • I  see beyond the veil.
  • I  am connected with the wisdom of the universe.



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