Understanding the Throat Chakra

Understanding the Throat Chakra

The  Throat Chakra is known as the Vishuddha in Sanskrit, which translates to  purification. It is the first of the “spiritual” chakras (the first three chakras being the physical world, with the heart acting as balance) and the energy center which  governs communication, authenticity, and creativity. It can be viewed as the  spiritual component of the physical world desires and strengths of the Navel Chakra.  The fifth chakra is associated with the color blue, and is located in at the base of the throat, and includes the neck and shoulders.

Creative Communication

The main functions of the Throat Chakra are self  expression and communication.  Only by expressing ourselves are we able to tell the outer world about our inner  workings, and declare what we need for our mental, physical, and spiritual  survival. As the second chakra gives us insight to who we are and what we want,  the fifth chakra allows us to express those things and bring them into  existence. 

Communication also includes active and effective  listening. When this energy center is in balance, our conversation with others  is a true exchange of listening and responding. Our need to be heard is  validated, and we able to offer the same. The fifth chakra is also where we develop sober thinking: thinking that  is not under the influence of anything or anyone. It’s just us; our hearts, our  minds, moving us to act in our most honest and authentic ways.

In order to communicate efficiently  we have to use our authentic voice, which is a pivotal component of the Throat Chakra. Here we find our personal integrity, and our need to express our  individuality; this is the literal “speaking your truth” energy of the authentic self tapped into with the Navel Chakra. Telling lies and keeping secrets locks the throat, leading to introverted behavior, while yelling and over-sharing  leads to an influx of energy, causing difficulties with empathy and resistance to learning. Either of these behaviors throws the Vishuddha out of balance, which disrupts the resonance between our Self and the world.


Resonating Within

The  Universe, and everything within it, is built upon a rhythm. Every atom vibrates  at a certain frequency, binding together to create energy and form. When two  separate forms of energy vibrate at the same frequency they resonate, also known as sympathetic vibration. It is the job of  the fifth chakra to balance our resonance with the physical and spiritual world.  

When our energy is out of balance with the world,  and/or the things we desire, we cannot connect to it; we miss opportunities, we  find it difficult to find our “tribe” and bond with loved ones, and have  problems expressing desire. This is the basics of the law of attraction; when our spiritual vibration is low, we can find it difficult to participate in esoteric tasks such as  meditation, prayer, and trusting our intuition. Resonating with hope or trust becomes  close to impossible. The Throat Chakra in balance puts our life energy in synch  with the Universe, bringing our energy into harmony with the powers of  manifestation and realization. 

The Fifth Chakra  is considered the passageway, as its blockage prevents energy and information  from the physical body centers (chakras 1-3) from flowing into the conscious  mind. When this happens, we cannot speak our wisdom or our needs, and we cannot  transform our feelings into actions.

As Vishuddha translates as purification, the Throat  Chakra handles the detoxification of mind, body, and spirit. When we rid the  body of toxins, speak our minds truthfully, and enjoy the spiritual calm of  silence, this energy center is strengthened. This purification of our Self on  all levels also prepares us to enter the energies of the Sixth and Seventh  Chakras. 


Creative Balance

The creativity energy found in the  Throat Chakra is mentally based, a result of the will. This is our ability to  create words, movement, plans; while the Navel Chakra can create on its own  (dreams, babies, desires), Vishuddha creativity is conscious action to create  your reality. For example, when you want to create intimacy and connection, you  visit friends and family. When you want to create solitude, you turn off your  phone and tell everyone to go away. If you want to create the awesome painting  or novel inspired by the Navel Chakra, you make a plan, gather tools, and do  the actual work with the energy of the Throat Chakra. This aspect of creation  is what supports our present circumstances, and builds our future.

An  overactive Throat Chakra can manifest itself as authoritative issues: these  people tend to be very opinionated (regardless of whether they have the facts  correct or not), critical of others, and verbally abusive. You may find  yourself thinking obsessively about the future, and prattling on about any subject  that crosses your mind when nervous. The high frequency Vishuddha can also  manifest as compulsive lying, over-planning, and ADD symptoms.

When  the Throat Chakra is under-stimulated, you may find it difficult to express  yourself, particularly in large crowds. When you do speak, you are often  misheard and misunderstood, as you have a tendency to give mixed messages.  Here, the throat energy is locked, usually by secrets from the past, based in  guilt and shame. You may also find it difficult to create the life you wish to  live, and have a tendency towards negative self talk.

When  the Throat Chakra is in balance, you have a good balance between speaking and  listening in conversation. You may find that others often seek your advice. You  express yourself clearly and eloquently, and have a a flair for creative  thought. You express your truth, including your strengths and weaknesses, and  aren’t afraid to ask for help when it is needed. Esoteric activities,  particularly meditation and chanting, may have a special place in your life.



Sanskrit  name: Vishuddha (purification)

Color:  Blue, Turquoise

Element:  Sound

Sound:  HAM

Virtues:  communication, creativity, resonance, vibration, etheric body (aura), self  expression, symbolic thinking, the voice

Vices:  lies, stagnation/boredom, verbal abuse, secrets, criticism, emotional block,  shyness, defensive

Body  Association:  Throat and neck (jaw, mouth,  ears, vocal cord, esophagus, teeth, thyroid,  parathyroid, trachea, cervical vertebrae of the spine, shoulders, and arms)

Divine Feminine: Queen

Sacred Masculine: Young Magician

Scents:  sweet birch, eucalyptus, mint, rosemary, sage, lemongrass, ginger

Crystals:  turquoise, blue topaz, azurite, danburite, lapis lazuli, blue calcite, blue  kyanite, aquamarine, turquoise, sodalite, amazonite,aqua aura crystal,  celestial aura quartz, blue lace agate.

Herbs:  eucalyptus, mint, rosemary, sage, lemongrass, ginger


  • I hear and speak  the truth.
  • I express myself  clearly.
  • I understand and  speak my truth.
  • I communicate my  feelings with ease.
  • I express myself  creatively through art/writing/acting, etc
  • I live with  integrity.
  • I am open to  becoming my authentic self.
  • I know when it  is time to listen.
  • I freely express  my gratitude. 
  • Creativity flows  in and through me.
  • I listen to my  thoughts and my body so that I may understand myself.
  • My voice is  necessary.




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