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Moonstone Tumbled Stone Set
Moonstone Tumbled Stone Set

Moonstone Tumbled Stone Set

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 Moonstone carries high Goddess and lunar energy. It is a stone of intuition, creativity, and femininity. It inspires while also balancing the emotions, resulting in a focused expression or artistic abilities.

This crystal is used as a talisman for prophecy, oracular work, and esoteric wisdom. It helps you perceive the veils of existence and to see beyond them, moving your clairvoyance skill into Priestess-level ability.

Moonstone is also a love and sensuality stone, used to strengthen romantic relationships and to reconnect estranged lovers. It helps to open the heart chakra to new experiences and can open you to healthly carnal desires. Moonstone is also a powerful ally to the female reproductive system, promoting fertility, balancing menstruation and menopausal rhythms, and connecting you to the magick of the womb.

Since every crystal is unique, yours may vary in size and shape from those pictured and may have natural marks or imperfections. 

2 stones in set.