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OYA Prayer Beads
OYA Prayer Beads
OYA Prayer Beads

OYA Prayer Beads

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This unique, lightweight, handcrafted prayer bead necklace is made of 99 purple sea sediment jasper crystal and diamond-shaped copper beads.

Each 8mm jasper and copper bead have been meticulously hand-knotted on brown bamboo waxed cord to provide the perfect amount of space between beads. It also features a copper weave sphere-shaped guru bead and a handmade burgundy tassel.

This piece is intuitively designed by Priestess Auset and has been ritually and magickally dedicated to the Orisha Goddess OYA.

OYA, is the Yoruban Orisha Goddess of Wind, Storms, and Change. She is an elemental Goddess, made from the power of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and has the ability to shapeshift. She is the power of lightning, thunder, and whirlwinds who dances wildly in her power, her skirts flowing and twirling as she spins. Her temperament changes like the weather; she can be fierce and formidable, or gentle and nourishing.

OYA is also a powerful sorceress and witch, her power deriving from the dark mysteries within the storm. She is a Mother of Night, Guardian of the Cemetery Gates, and has powers of clairvoyance, intuition, magick, and various psychic abilities.

Within OYA’s realm we also learn how to attract material wealth and become self sufficient, as well as develop the tools to turn passion into profit. Her sacred number is 9.

Sea Sediment Jasper is a purple-based crystal with multicolored elements; shades of blue, purple, red, and white can be found in each stone. It carries the vibration of the sea as well as each of the chakras, specifically strengthening the connection between the third eye and the crown. It is used in dream recall, visioning, and shamanic journeying. Purple Sea Sediment Jasper provides protection during magickal and ritual work with spirits, ghosts, and other entities.

Purple Sea Sediment Jasper is also a manifestation stone, helping you to solidify your desires in the astral world so that they may reflect and become tangible in the physical world. It calls in abundance and love, connecting you to ‘higher heart energy’ and divine passion. This jasper protects against negative energies and people, and eases emotional discomfort and stress.

Copper is an excellent conductor of energy on both the physical and spiritual planes. It magnifies and expands the energy of prayers, rituals, and magickal work. Copper also helps the practitioner tap in to the Akashic records, and expands the vibration of the third eye during meditation. The diamond shape relates to wealth, imagination, and self awareness. The sphere shaped radiates the blessings of this metal in every direction.


These prayer beads can also be worn as a necklace, and are a 46" length.