Samhain Special 2019
Samhain Special 2019

Samhain Special 2019

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October is honored as a time for many things: Halloween, Samhain, the Feast of the Dead, Witches New Year. The earth is transforming and preparing for winter, and the veil between the physical and spiritual world grows thin. The Dark Goddess steps forward to guide us through the shadows. Communication with our ancestors, our mystical guides, and the Divine is easier as our intuition rises to a higher level. This means the autumn season is an ideal time for mystical workings, acquiring wisdom, and divination practices.

Celebrate this time of insight and depth with the SAMHAIN SPECIAL!

For $99, you receive 2 online workshops and a Witches New Year Intuitive Reading with Priestess Brandi Auset.


Simply pick two online workshops from this list:

Adore: The Joy of Hathor

Aphrodite’s Kiss: Invoking the Goddess of Love, Sex, and Mischief

Between the Worlds with the Goddess Hekate

Enchanted: The Magick of Oshun

The Goddess Sessions: Oracles and Soothsayers

Liberation: The Dance of Kali Ma

Permission to Be: 7 Practices for Living Openly

Queen of Herself: Goddess Persephone Course

Righteous: The Light of Sekhmet

Transform: The Power of Oya

Writing the Wild Heart: a month of passionate journaling


With the Samhain Special, you also receive The Witches New Year Reading:

Each year of your life has a mystical theme, a Goddess energy that guides your experiences, lessons, and blessings. Becoming aware of the unique Goddess who is working Her magick in your life attunes you to your personal and spiritual path. Traditionally, magickal practitioners and Priestesses divine for their annual Goddess during Samhain season.

In this intuitive oracle-card reading, you will connect with Brandi for a 20 minute phone consultation to uncover your personal Goddess theme for the upcoming spiritual year (email readings also available). After your reading is complete, you’ll receive a PDF outlining your Goddess’ mythology, Her correspondences, and a discussion of Her attributes and wisdom.


Write your course choices, and whether you prefer a phone or email reading with Priestess Auset in the “Petition” box above, then simply add to cart and check out!

The SAMHAIN SPECIAL is being offered at an exclusive rate of $99 (retail value up to $250) until October 31st, 2019. After you’ve completed the checkout process, Brandi will email you within 24 hours to schedule your intuitive reading. You will also be added to your chosen courses within 24 hours.