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SAMHAIN Magickal Mist: Limited Edition

SAMHAIN Magickal Mist: Limited Edition

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This limited-edition SAMHAIN Magickal Mist evokes the magick and mystery of the season. The aromatherapeutic blend of oils, herbs, and crystal essences has been  specifically designed to strengthen communication with ancestors, guides, and the Divine by aligning your intuition with the thinning veils. This mystical spray can also be used as an offering during your ritual work, and spraying regularly will help keep you connected to the transcendent energy of Samhain.

An otherworldly blend of mugwort, apple, oakmoss oils, amber resin, with herbal and crystal essences. This essential blend was created in 2021 and has been magickally curing in ritual darkness for a year and a day.

Available to order until October 31st, 2022