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Desert Song Prayer Charm
Desert Song Prayer Charm

Desert Song Prayer Charm

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This grounding handcrafted 19-bead prayer charm is created from Picture Jasper, natural River Stone, Quartz, and wooden beads. Each 10-12mm crystal bead has been meticulously hand-knotted on brown bamboo cord, and is adorned with a gold-plated tree of life charm and a hansa hand charm.

This piece is intuitively designed by Priestess Auset and has been ritually and magickally dedicated to the centering, creative, and protective energy of the desert, and the healing it offers.

Picture Jasper has a deep connection to Earth energy, and is often used for shamanic journeying and connection to sacred sites and temples. It is a stone that promotes a feeling of confidence and safety by stimulating the root chakra, as well as awaking creative impulses and visioning by activating the throat and third eye chakras. Picture Jasper is an ideal stone for spiritual artists and writers, as it helps you communicate with earthly energies and plant entities.

Natural River Stone is a water element crystal, carrying the intuitive and enchanted flow of moving water. It stimulates this same flow into your life, carrying you to wealth, transformation, and alignment with your truest heart. Natural River Stone also helps the user to overcome trauma and recognize prospects for positive change.

Quartz is a master crystal, and the most versatile and powerful healing stone in the mineral kingdom. It is a high energy, high frequency gemstone that enhances spiritual awareness and amplifies energy to astounding heights. It can be used for any metaphysical purpose, including healing, boosting intuition and psychic abilities, past-life recall, shamanic journeys, prosperity work, attracting love – the list is endless!

Quartz also stimulates the opening and balancing of every chakra, while cleansing away negative energetic residue from past traumas. It is thought to represent the power and energy of the Full Moon.


12.5 inches long.