CAULDRON KEEPERS: Goddesses of Sorcery and Radical Change

CAULDRON KEEPERS: Goddesses of Sorcery and Radical Change

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Throughout folklore and myth, in virtually every culture, the cauldron makes an appearance in tales of shifting, of gaining insight, of revolutionizing a life. Next to the broom, it is the most readily identified symbol of the ancient witch and the Divine Feminine. The cauldron is a symbol of the Goddess, a womb-like container for magick, mystical workings, and transformation.

As a liminal vessel, the cauldron holds space on both the physical and mystical physical planes. We mix potions, salves, foods, teas in the cauldron in the domestic to produce changes in the astral, connecting us to our magick on a deeper spiritual level. The cauldron is the alchemy of witchcrafting, of cooking, and of transmutation.

In this online course, we’ll be discussing, meditating, and performing rituals with three of my favorite Goddess of the Cauldron: Baba Yaga, Cerridwen, and Circe. Each of these Goddesses have deep cauldron mythology, and teach us to use the vessel to empower our witchcraft, as well as to manifest profound, lasting change in our lives.

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This online workshop is offered by Priestess Brandi Auset. It is a self-paced experience, and begins as soon as you register.