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Oracles and Soothsayers eCourse

Oracles and Soothsayers eCourse

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This workshop is dedicated to the deities of prophecy, the power of divination, and the importance of intuition. Following the example of ancient priestess and soothsayers we will tap into mystical wisdom of Isis, Hekate, and Sophia by embracing our ability to walk between the worlds. We will also explore the power of the third eye, and the magickal divination tools we can use to help us see beyond the veil.

Join Priestess Brandi Auset in this 5-week course to meet the Oracular Goddesses, and learn modern techniques to connect with them.

Included in the Oracles and Soothsayers Workshop:

  • In-depth study of the class theme and the Goddesses who embody it (Isis, Hekate, and Sophia)
  • Hands on practices, prompt and ritual with inspiration to personalize and create your own
  • Surprise bonus content to deepen your experience
  • Online moderation and Q&A with Priestess Brandi Auset


    The Oracles and Soothsayers workshop is open, and begins as soon as you register.

    Sign up here and be added to the class within 24 hours. Course is hosted on an online platform, courtesy of