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RED Priestess

Bright Hope Half-Mala

Bright Hope Half-Mala

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This dazzling and joyful half-mala is created from 54 Fluorite crystal beads. Each 10mm bead has been meticulously hand-knotted on waxed white hemp cord to provide the perfect amount of space between beads. It also features a silver metal guru bead and a handmade lavender tassel. Two rotations of these beads equals a round of 108.

Green Fluorite is a heart stone, keeping you in touch with your emotions, compassion, and feelings of love. It heals emotional trauma and guides you to new heights of affection, expression of attraction, and romantic understanding. This crystal aligns your heart with your mind, and opens you creative inspiration.

Purple Fluorite is a Third-Eye crystal, helping to strengthen your intuition and clairvoyant talents. It purifies the mind of illogical pursuits (such as unrequited love) and aids your focus in meditation and magickal activities. This crystal is a dreaming stone, helping to produce visions, prophecy, and lucid dream states.

Total Length 26 inches

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