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Candle Workings
Candle Workings
Candle Workings
Candle Workings

Candle Workings

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Priestess Brandi Auset joyfully offers her magickal and blessed altars in order to support your prayers, devotions, and intentions.

Candle Workings are a mystical and sacred way to raise and direct energy to manifest your desires. Whatever your request, I dedicate my 30 years of ritual experience to support your goals with grace, ease, and discretion. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and let the magick flow over your life.

What is it you need? Candle workings are performed for:

  • Blessings of and Connecting to a specific Divine Goddess and/or Sacred God
  • Abundance, Prosperity, Finances, and Good Fortune
  • Ancestor Worship and Honoring the Sacred Dead
  • Astrological Events, Retrograde Remedies, and Star Alignment
  • Career, Home Life, and Familial Support
  • Creativity, Inspiration, and Invoking the Muse
  • Karmic Release and Removing Obstacles
  • Love, Lust, Sensuality, and Sexuality
  • New Beginnings and Gentle Endings
  • Peace, Calm, Grounding and Centering
  • Protection, Hex-Breaking, and Relief from Torment
  • Psychic Development, Intuition, and Spiritual Connection
  • Purification, Cleansing, and Healing
  • Releasing Grief, Depression, and Anxiety

or whatever intention you are holding right now!

Each candle is anointed and magickally dressed with essential oils, herbs, crystals, and/or any other consecrated tools that align with your request. Your name, petition, and prayers on your behalf are carved and energetically rooted into the wax.

Your personalized candle is then placed on the appropriate altar and lit with reverence. As the flame burns, the power is released!

Choose a 1 day candle for a quick fix, 3 day for continuous energy, or 7 day candle for lasting, transformative results.

Once your petition is received, Brandi will email you within 24 hours with the scheduled date of your working. You will later receive photos of your candle as it is lit and placed on the altar, and a brief report after the working has completed.

*Please include your full name, date of birth, preferred contact email, and request in the “Petition” area above.

Note: While my candle workings are beyond definitions of “light or dark magick”, there is still karmic responsibility to account for. I am only responsible for performing the work, not for any unwanted or unforeseen consequences of your petition.

I will not judge your request; however, I reserve the right to revise your working if I feel out of alignment with your intention. As such, hexing and cursing requests will be reworked as boundary settings or “return to sender” petitions, and requests for murder, mayhem, and likewise tomfoolery will be subsequently ignored.