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DRAGON Totem Oil

DRAGON Totem Oil

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A creature of myth and magick, the Dragon is an elemental being of abundance, passion, and enlightenment. It is a primordial being created from the energy of earth, air, fire, and water, and it carries the wisdom of the ancient world. Dragons are guides of the spirit, connecting and aligning the desires of your heart and mind to the Universal Divine Plan. The Dragon Totem opens the crown chakra as well, allowing stronger relationships to deities, mythological animals, and plant life.

Dragons are guardians of physical and spiritual treasures, and as a totem they can lead you to discover these prosperous blessings. As a guardian and protector, the Dragon uses strength of mind and will to shield and defend you against life’s mishaps. Its energy can teach you how to stand in your own authority, and awaken the Warrior, the Leader, the Queen inside you. Dragons are also sensual creatures, inspiring sexual confidence and stimulating the libido.


A fiery and heavy blend of dragon’s blood, frankincense, and cinnamon oils, with touches of sandalwood in a grapeseed oil base, infused with carnelian and tourmaline quartz crystals.



10mL roll-on bottle.