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RED Priestess

Earthbound Oracle Deck

Earthbound Oracle Deck

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THE EARTHBOUND ORACLE DECK is a unique and stunning creation by artist Andrew Swartz. I find this deck to be one of the best divination decks for intuitive readers, as it comes with no guidebook. The cards are left open for every practitioner to create their own definitions, meanings, and connections to the cards.

48 card oracle deck.

  • 2.5 x 3.5" full bleed, full color, 300gsm playing card stock

  • Custom full color tuck box

  • Open Edition


From the artist, Andrew Swartz:

"An oracle card deck is similar to a tarot deck, although there are no suits, no names, and no pre-requisites for what should be contained in the deck. It's a deck of cards with illustrations, titles, and that's it. You interpret it and derive meaning from the cards you draw as you see fit.

I created this oracle deck… I focused on simple, pithy subjects and symbols that are easy to understand, but flexible enough to have multiple meanings and interpretations. This is not a deck that you'll need to do research or homework on, though some of the symbols are distinctly Western (such as "gift" and "deceit", for example)."


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