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Goddess Baba Yaga Guided Meditation

Goddess Baba Yaga Guided Meditation

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In Slavic countries, BABA YAGA is the ancient witch, the Mistress of Magick who lives deep within the forests. Greatly feared and revered, She commands the spirits of the dead and is the keeper of wisdom. As the representation of the untamable, BABA YAGA is the guide to the shadow side of the self, teaching the lessons needed for growth and expansion. She is generally portrayed as an old hag-like woman, riding through the air in a mortar, the pestle used as an oar. She controls time and the elements, and is answers any question to those brave enough to ask.

This guided meditation is offered by Priestess Brandi Auset and is designed for those who are seeking, or are actively involved in, a life or spiritual initiation. This is a mystical working offered through visualization, and if you complete the meditation in its entirety, it becomes an agreement to partner with Baba Yaga for your transformation. It is suggested you have previous experience working with this Goddess, know which transition you are currently seeking/undergoing, and be absolutely sure of your dedication to the process before you perform this meditation. 


23 minute meditation, immediate download in mp3 format.