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'Guiding Goddess' Oil: SHEELA NA GIG

'Guiding Goddess' Oil: SHEELA NA GIG

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SHEELA NA GIG is the RED Guiding Goddess for March 2020 This oil is only available during the month of March and quantities are limited.

This dark and divine perfume is a blend of gardenia, helichrysum, and lavender oils infused with botanical mugwort, and empowered by amethyst crystals to invoke the magick, intuition, and earthiness of the Goddess SHEELA NA GIG. 

As a Goddess figure, Sheela na Gig is seen as the Divine and Lustful Hag, the Dark Crone Goddess, and the definitive epithet of the feminine mysteries of life and death.  She is the doorway, the gateway to the unseen. She holds the power of universal and interdimensional wisdom, as well as intuition and oracular knowledge.

Use this 10ml perfume roller on your pulse points (wrists, behind ears, heart, backs of knees) for maximum magickal benefit.