'Guiding Goddess' Oil: LILITH

'Guiding Goddess' Oil: LILITH

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LILITH is the RED Guiding Goddess for November 2019. This oil is only available during the month of October and quantities are limited.

This sensual perfume is a blend of green and red apple, patchouli, and vetiver oils infused with botanical clove buds, and empowered by garnet crystals to invoke the authority, passion, and mystery of the Goddess LILITH.

Lilith is the Mesopotamian Goddess of the Wind, and Her most ancient forms are as the Bird and/or Snake Goddess.  Her name appears as a spirit of the wind and storms in early Sumer, and some Babylonian texts describe Her (and Her like, the Lilitu) as a beautiful, seductive demon/prostitute/Priestess of the Goddess Inanna-Ishtar, Queen of Heaven and Earth. Over time, Lilith evolved as a kind of demi-goddess, acting as the ‘hand’ and constant companion of Inanna. She speaks for and to the Great Goddess, acting as an intercessor for humanity, High Priestess, and guide to the Other Realms.

Use this 10ml perfume roller on your pulse points (wrists, behind ears, heart, backs of knees) for maximum benefit.


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