'Guiding Goddess' Oil

'Guiding Goddess' Oil

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PAX is the RED Guiding Goddess for August 2019. This oil is only available during the month of August and quantities are limited.

This calming perfume is a blend of chamomile, lavender, and olive oils infused with botanical lavender, and empowered by green aventurine and quartz crystals to invoke the tranquility, peace, and abundance of the Roman Goddess Pax.

Pax is the Roman Goddess of Peace, the personification of tranquility and calm. She bears the fruits of peace, offering the blessings of serenity to those who seek her. She supplies humanity with an abundance of what they need – a good government, housing, food, and love. She works in the channels that already exist; meaning, she takes the situation/issue as it is, and finds a way to blossom peace within it.

Use this 10ml perfume roller on your pulse points (wrists, behind ears, heart, backs of knees) for maximum benefit.