Hamsa Goddess Prayer Charm
Hamsa Goddess Prayer Charm

Hamsa Goddess Prayer Charm

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This magickal, handcrafted 25-bead prayer charm is created from matte Amethyst, Chrysocolla, and Zebra Jasper crystal beads. Each 8-10mm crystal bead has been meticulously hand-knotted on blue bamboo cord, and is adorned with silver plated Hamsa charms on each end.

This piece is intuitively designed by Priestess Auset and has been ritually and magickally dedicated to the energy of the Hamsa symbol. The Hamsa is an ancient Mesopotamian sigil for protection, prosperity, luck, blessings, and the Divine Feminine. Its use has been documented in a variety of cultures and spiritualities, including Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity, each with its own definition of the symbol’s power.

A meditative crystal, Amethyst opens your third eye, stimulates your intuition, and aids in divination practices.  Amethyst aids you in releasing bad habits and overcoming addictions of all kinds by clearing your energetic field of negativity and attachments. It builds a cocoon of light around your aura, providing spiritual protection and aligning you with the wisdom needed for your highest good.

Chrysocolla is a stone of the Goddess, as it opens and aligns the feminine energies within you as well as connecting you with the Divine. It is suitable for magickal work with both Light and Dark Goddesses of any culture, and helps you to connect, evoke, and invoke your personal feminine deity. It removes the pain of loneliness, depression, and anxiety, instilling hope and positive energy into your aura. As a stone of communication, it teaches the powers of the throat chakra, showing how to express yourself in gentle, life changing ways. Chrysocolla enhances creativity and wisdom, making it perfect stone for artists, writers, and musicians.

Zebra Jasper aligns the connection between the Root and the Heart Chakra, reinvigorating your zest for life and love. It encourages you to be optimistic, and to find joy in your surroundings as it transforms pessimism and hopelessness. A grounding stone, this crystal calms scattered energy and connects you to love in all its forms, giving you the determination to overcome any of life’s difficulties, including childhood traumas.


Total Length 12 inches