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This unique, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted prayer bead chain is made of a variation of 33 pink calcite, jet, garnet, and clear quartz crystal beads with clear quartz point charms. The beads vary in size from 6mm to 10mm. Each crystal has been meticulously hand-knotted on red hemp cord to provide the perfect amount of space between the beads.

This piece is intuitively designed by Priestess Auset and has been ritually and magickally dedicated to the Goddess PERSEPHONE in Her maiden KORE aspect.

Persephone is the Greek Goddess of Spring and Queen of the Underworld.  As the spring maiden she is called Kore, a deity of growth, happiness, and agriculture; she represents the innocence and purity of youth. Referring to Persephone as Kore denotes the stage of Maiden as the personification of spring: blooming, growth, potential, and change.

Quartz is a master crystal, and the most versatile and powerful healing stone in the mineral kingdom. It is a high energy, high frequency gemstone that enhances spiritual awareness and amplifies energy to astounding heights. It can be used for any metaphysical purpose, including healing, boosting intuition and psychic abilities, past-life recall, shamanic journeys, prosperity work, attracting love – the list is endless!

Jet is a protection and purification stone that clears the aura as well as other crystals of stagnant, negative energy. It is a healing crystal for mental and physical issues of all kinds. The cube shape is associated with solidity, truth, and endurance. It represents the four elements of earth, the phases of the day (sunrise, sunset, midday, and midnight), and the solstices and the equinoxes throughout the lunar year.

Garnet is the Stone of Awakening and its fiery nature activates the Kundalini. It is one of the most powerful stones for attraction. Its energy can be used to call in a new lover, enhance current relationships with new passion and interest, and connect you with your sensual, sexual self. The 6 garnet stones in this charm represent the 6 pomegranate seeds of the Persephone and Hades myth.

Pink Calcite activates the heart chakra, aligning you with love in every form and manifestation. It creates stronger bonds to those you love, and helps you overcome emotional trauma, whether  a present issue or a karmic one. A gentle energy, Pink Calcite guides you to manifest your intentions with courage and persistence.

Total length 15 inches