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LAKSHMI and VISHNU Invoking Kit

LAKSHMI and VISHNU Invoking Kit

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This simple set focuses on the cosmic power of the Hindu Divine Couple, Lakshmi and Vishnu.

Hindu Goddess LAKSHMI is the epitome of wealth and abundance in both the material and spiritual realms. She rules prosperity in all its forms, and widely bestows Her gifts to those who are open to receive.  One of her names, Shri, translates as auspiciousness: the epitome of beauty, loving-kindness, health and well-being, good fortune, and material wealth.

VISHNU is Lakshmi's consort and a central God in the Hindu pantheon. His name means “all-pervading”, and he is the Preserver, the Sustainer, and the Protector. Vishnu maintains order and abundance with peace and compassion whenever the world is threatened with evil, chaos, and destructive forces.

One of the traditions for a Lakshmi altar is to always have a representation of Vishnu present, because without him, she (and her blessings) will not stay.


This set includes:

  • One 1 oz LAKSHMI Goddess Mist (a sweet and floral blend of saffron, pink lotus, and lemongrass essential oils)
  • One 1 oz VISHNU Sacred God Mist (a heady and mystical blend of marigold, white lotus, and evergreen essential oils)
  • Two Shiva Lingam Stones (divine partnership, balance, holiness)
  • Two Tulsi wood stretchy malas (promotes devotion and holiness. Also can be worn as bracelets!)
  • One Pink Altar Candle: clean, ready for you to charge with your magick and intention
  • Lakshmi and Vishnu Prayer and Mantra Activation PDF