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Orange Calcite Raw Stone Set
Orange Calcite Raw Stone Set

Orange Calcite Raw Stone Set

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Orange Calcite stimulates the sacral and solar plexus chakras, helping you to tap into your creativity and sexuality while strengthening your confidence. It is an Oshun crystal, attracting honey-sweet opportunities and situations into your life.  A gentle stone, this crystal easily guides you to discover your true desires, and gives you the courage to achieve them. 

Orange Calcite aligns your spiritual self with your physical body, inspiring self care and proactive, intentional self healing. This crystal carries solar energy and activates your stamina, courage, motivation, and Divine ego. It is also a stone for creatives, as it stimulates inspiration and energy flow with a “ray of sunshine”.

Orange Calcite also helps you to release habits, ideas, and karmic patterns which no longer serve you.

2 stones in set

Each stone is unique. Yours may be different but equal in quality to those pictured.