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RAVEN Totem Oil

RAVEN Totem Oil

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An avian of prophecy, mysticism, and wisdom, the Raven is a powerful totem for those who practice witchcraft and/or communicate with oracular deities.

Ravens are the messengers of the spirit realm. They are omens and foretellers of events yet to come, and carry with them the energy of oracles and soothsayers. Ravens are shapeshifters of body and voice; this ability serves the practitioner in both the spiritual and physical worlds. With the Raven Totem, a witch may discover how to embody the aura of different personalities as well as living and mythical creatures.

Spirit bird of light and dark magick, the Raven is a formidable ally for all branches of spellcasting and witchcraft, energy work, and Priestessing. Ravens are playful, creative, and inventive. Their energy invokes innovative problem solving and transformative change.

An airy yet embodying blend of violet, amber resin, and juniper oils, with notes of helichrysum and oak moss in a grapeseed oil base, infused with amethyst crystals.


10mL roll-on bottle.