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Rose Water

Rose Water

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Rose Water has been used throughout history in curative, cosmetic, and culinary endeavors, to wonderous and luscious results. 

This fragrant Rose Water is created from steam-distillation using purified water and organic damask roses. It's anti-inflammatory properties make it perfect for toning and firming the skin, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and providing a youthful glow. Rose Water is often used as an ingredient in clay masks, cold creams, face washes, and make-up setters.

Magickally speaking, Rose Water is a highly vibrational liquid that can be used in love, romance, and sensuality rituals. It is also used to wash and anoint the body, and to cleanse and dedicate spiritual tools such as crystals, athames, and statuary.


 2 fluid ounces culinary-grade distilled rose water

organic, kosher, and gmo-free