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Shungite Tumbled Stone Set
Shungite Tumbled Stone Set

Shungite Tumbled Stone Set

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Shungite is a crystal of purification and cleansing. It works on a molecular level, preparing you to receive Divine Light energy by releasing the negative energies and patterns within your atoms and molecules. As such, Shungite is often used for healing the physical body of ailments, illness, and disease caused by harmful emotional vibrations and past karma. One method is bless and purify your bath and drinking water with the crystal, as Shungite cleanses the water of pesticides, metals, and bacteria.

As a grounding crystal, Shungite connects you to earth energy and helps you to let go of damaging behavioral patterns and addictions. It gently purifies your heart and mind of guilt, shame, and regret, helping you to center your attention on the Lightness of your being.

Shungite is also an incredible meditation tool, as it cleanses the aura and purifies the mind of superficial thoughts, emotions, and desires.

Since every crystal is unique, yours may vary in size and shape from those pictured and may have natural marks or imperfections.

2 stones in set.