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Star Garnet Sphere
Star Garnet Sphere

Star Garnet Sphere

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Star Garnet is an unusual and powerful stone, the asterism effect caused by inclusions of rutile crystal. Think of this sphere as a rutilated garnet. Rutile strengthens psychic abilities, specifically clairsentience and clairvoyance. 

Garnet is the Stone of Awakening and its fiery nature activates the Kundalini. It is one of the most powerful stones for attraction. Its energy can be used to call in a new lover, enhance current relationships with new passion and interest, and connect you with your sensual, sexual self.

Star Garnets hold extreme creativity energy, and help you to stand in your creative power with confidence and authority. As a gemstone of the root chakra, Garnet is also a stone of “adulting”; it helps you to create a foundation of grounding and financial security all while removing worry, stress, and fear.

This high quality sphere offers a deep red-black hue that sparkles under sunlight, allowing the star within to be seen.

Listing is for one stone. Each stone is unique. Yours may be different than pictured.