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Swift-Lite Charcoal Discs

Swift-Lite Charcoal Discs

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These charcoal discs are fast lighting and long burning, perfect for burning incense, dried herbs, resins, and ritual powders. 

To use: Place a disc in a censer or heatproof dish. Light the edge of the disc with a match or taper. The disc will light across its surface. Sprinkle your incense/herbs/etc over the the disc in small quantities.

The disc should be left to burn out and cool in the censer, or doused with cold water to extinguish. Do not handle the disc when lit as it will cause a burn upon your tender, supple flesh. Do not dispose of the ash remains of the tablet in a waste paper bin as this may cause a fire of great vengeance and furious anger.

Maintain freshness by resealing package after opening and storing in a cool, dry place. 

33mm round discs, 10 count per package.