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RED Priestess

Voudou Unto Others Bar Soap

Voudou Unto Others Bar Soap

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Inspired by the pure joie de vivre spirit of New Orleans and the Cafe Du Monde, this exfoliating soap is designed to get rid of the bad juju!

Finely ground coffee, chicory, and Moroccan red clay detoxify and cleanse the body of toxins and bacteria while rejuvenating the skin. The organic goat milk base helps to soften and provide a full, silky lather. With the addition of clove and vetiver oils, this darkly fragrant bar stimulates the mind and grounds the body.

Each bar is 4 ounces and is hand-blended with organic, fair-trade ingredients.

Ingredients: vegetable glycerin, organic goat milk, Moroccan red clay, manuka honey, dark coffee grounds, chicory, clove and vetiver essential oils.

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