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White Sage Mini-Wand

White Sage Mini-Wand

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Bundles of herbs are burned in various cultures and spiritualities as “smudge sticks” in order to purify a person, object, or space of negative energy.

White Sage is a powerful cleansing herb, removing negative energy and spirits while simultaneously providing a blessing of pure positive energy. The smoke from White Sage also cleanses bacteria from the air, helping to heal a number of health and breathing issues.

Light one end of the sage bundle or wand and then blow it out to produce the purifying smoke. Carry the bundle around (watch for hot ashes) or use a feather or smudge wand to direct the smoke around your space or around a person. Place the hot end into a ceramic dish, abalone shell, or cauldron to allow it to naturally burn out.

These herb wands are 100% organic and wildcrafted from local sources. Each wand measures 4 inches.