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WOLF Totem Oil

WOLF Totem Oil

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The Wolf is a totem of freedom, guardianship, and instinctual knowing. The mystical power of the Wolf heightens intuition and spiritual abilities.  Its influence helps expand the six senses to serve psychic development (clairaudience, clairvoyance, etc.) and guides you to trust your instincts in both magickal and mundane situations.

The Wolf fights for what it wants and protects what is theirs. Fiercely loyal and loving, the Wolf not only shields you from those people, spirits, and circumstances who wish you harm, but also shows you how to defend yourself by establishing boundaries and using the strength of your voice.

An effective communicator, the Wolf Totem opens the throat chakra, allowing you to effectively howl your truth to the sky. It teaches you how to remain authentic and confident within your personal power. Wolf energy is perfect for those who desire more freedom, passion, and sacredness in their everyday lives. It is a creature of the earth, teaching you how to discover and then ground yourself into the wildness of your spirit.


A dark and earthy blend of evergreen and patchouli essential oils, with high notes of casa blanca lily and wildflowers in a jojoba oil base, infused with black jasper crystals.

This oil has been blessed and consecrated with the evoked energy of the Wolf, and is ready for use.


10mL roll-on bottle.