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YEMAYA Anointing Oil

YEMAYA Anointing Oil

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YEMAYA, also Yemoja, Iemanja. Orisha Goddess of Water.

YEMAYA is honored throughout West Africa and the Caribbean as the mother of the sea and the moon. She is the keeper of the female mysteries and a guardian of women. She aids in the conception of children and their birth, protecting and blessing infants until they hit puberty. She is a healing goddess, showing compassion and kindness to those in need. YEMAYA is the personification of rivers and bodies of water, and is often depicted as a mermaid.

The YEMAYA Anointing Oil was created from divine intention, and can be used to anoint the body and/or ritually bless sacred tools before any magickal working or ceremony. This holy oil is especially effective as an anointing to the hands, feet, and heart before meditation and chanting rituals.


An oceanic blend of sea salt, lavender, and frangipani oils in an olive oil base.


This oil has been blessed, consecrated, and is ready for use.

10 mL roller.