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RED Priestess

Yogini Mala

Yogini Mala

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This uniquely stunning and heavyweight mala is handknotted from 10mm unakite, carnelian, and green aventurine crystal beads, and finished with an ornate green and silver metal guru bead. Each crystal has been meticulously hand-knotted on waxed natural hemp cord to provide the perfect amount of space between the beads, and adorned with a handmade orange tassel. 

This piece is intuitively designed by Priestess Auset and has been ritually and magickally dedicated to healing any issue on the spiritual, emotional, and physical planes. This mala creates a special connection for the wearer to channel her Shakti.

Carnelian is a stone of creativity, sensuality, courage, confidence, actualization, and passion. Use this stone to release your emotional attachment to the past. Keeping Carnelian close assists in creative endeavors, helping bring projects to fruition, and can even stabilize energy in your home. Meditate with it to banish sorrow.

As a stone of action, Carnelian can give you a boost, increase your auric force (your life force), and stimulate your motivation. Be directed, be assertive, and use Carnelian to lend strength in achieving your desires.

Called the “stone of opportunity”, Green Aventurine is a crystal of both the heart and root chakra. It helps to manifest wealth and prosperity, as well as attracting luck in any situation. As a heart stone, it releases old patterns, habits, and disappointments so new growth can take place. Green Aventurine instills optimism and a drive for new experiences, allowing you to move forward with confidence and an open heart.

Unakite is a crystal of rebirthing and new beginnings, bringing emotional and mental balance to the process. It awakens compassion, empathy, and gratitude in the heart chakra, as well as encouraging self-care and attention. It is used to support healing of all kinds, and teaches patience and faith during recovery. As a third eye crystal, Unakite enhances the intuition, and is especially effective for divination, scrying, and visualization work.

Unakite carries an earth element vibration, making spiritual connection to animals, plant life, and the Divine Feminine a gentle development. This crystal also attracts new healthy friendships, and helps heals familial rifts.


This mala can also be worn as a necklace, and is a 52" length.

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