Aquarius New Moon and Intuitive Tarot: February 2024

Aquarius New Moon and Intuitive Tarot: February 2024

February 9th, 2024: New Moon in Aquarius

February 10th, 2024: Lunar New Year – Year of the Dragon


The New Moon in Aquarius is the marker of Lunar New Year, where we enter into the Year of the Dragon. In Chinese astrology, the Year of the Dragon is a time of good luck and strength, where our experiences lead us to a renewal of purpose, and ultimate success.

The Aquarian energy of this New Moon has an extra boost due to Pluto recently moving into Aquarius, so you may find your emotions and intuition are at an unprecedented height. At their most potent, these energies can trigger old wounds, misunderstandings, and past grievances. You may find yourself getting lost in thought about that thing you never said, the way that person traumatized you, the ways you disappointed yourself.

But understand, these thoughts are an opportunity to identify what is blocking you from success and happiness. Once you recognize the issue, you can use this lunar energy to cleanse, to purge, to heal, and move yourself forward into this new year with purpose.

This New Moon offers the chance to do things differently. To see your old traumas and dramas as previous lessons, instead of lamenting them in the present moment. The experiences you’ve undergone have transformed you in a number of ways, and this lunation is a perfect time to acknowledge how you’ve grown and shifted, and to see the beauty of who you are now.

Once you’ve got a handle on that, take your personal realizations, and share them with others. This lunation pushes us towards community, to inspire and support others with our earned wisdom and emotional freedom. Show up for someone in their time of need – whether they need an ear, advice, or simply to be seen.


And here’s a little extra guidance: A New Moon in Aquarius mini-divination for each astrological sign! Our featured deck this month is Wisdom of the Hidden Realms written by Colette Baron-Reid and illustrated by Jena DellaGrottaglia.


Aries: The Cosmos – Creativity. Vastness. Let yourself be inspired to create. Accept help from others.

Taurus: Gaia’s Garden – Fruition. Abundance. Reaping what you sow.  Unexpected windfalls are coming your way!

Gemini: The Lady of the Mirror – Reflection. Nonjudgment. Take a clear view of yourself, and remember you attract similar vibrations.

Cancer: The Dragon’s Duel – Inner conflict. Morality. Conscious Choice.  It may be time to switch directions. Choose the path of soul, not ego.

Leo: The Prison Waif – Self sabotage. Poverty Consciousness. Do you believe everything you think? Shift your thoughts to a more positive flow.

Virgo: Sisters of the Seasons – Cycles of growth. Natural Law. Divine order. You are moving into a new season of life. Follow your own rhythm.

Libra: The Sun Dancers – Joyful activity. Celebration of life. Abundance. You are at a manifestation height! Put your order in with the Universe and wait for delivery.

Scorpio: The Altar Priestess – Preparation. Prayer. Sacred ritual. All life is a meditation. Make an effort to find the sacred in the mundane.

Sagittarius:  The Horse King – Assistance. Control. Open yourself to accepting help. You need assistance to reach your goal.

Capricorn: The Ringmaster of Scrutiny – Discernment. Clear Vision. Details. Grand gestures aren’t necessary right now. Even the smallest act of kindness makes a huge difference to your world.

Aquarius: The Word Lord – Communication. Praise. Dishonesty. Your words are magick. Use them to bless your path, and the lives of those around you.

Pisces: The Phoenix – Resurrection. Surrender to change. Life is transforming all around you. Let go, or be dragged.





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