Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse and Intuitive Tarot: April 2024

Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse and Intuitive Tarot: April 2024

April 8th, 2024: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries

This is a New Year redux: new moons, solar eclipses, and Aries all carry the vibration of new beginnings, so this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries packs a powerful punch that opens up new paths and transitions. Mercury Retrograde, Venus, and Chiron are all also aligning in Aries, so even if you aren’t normally susceptible to astrological energy, you will more than likely feel the effects in one way or another this week.

Take care of yourself during this event: emotionally, physically, spirituality. Listen to your body, to your mind, to your heart, and give yourself what you need to move through this week comfortable and supported. Use your crystals, your herbs, your Goddesses to keep yourself centered. Meditation and journaling practices are also very powerful this month, particularly when it comes to setting your intentions.

Like all New Moons, this lunation is the perfect time to plant seeds and set your intentions. This eclipse has foundational energy in the present and the future, so consider both your short and long term goals.  Keep your mind and spirit open to what this lunar cycle has to show you, because in the light and shadow of this event, your desires may change.

Aries is also powerful elemental fire energy, so you’ll want to be careful this lunation about letting your emotions get out of control. Consider your emotional shifts as signs of where change needs to be implemented in your life, and gently – yet firmly - make the decisions you need to transform your life and begin walking your new path.

Difficult situations and confrontations may arise, but know this New Moon Eclipse is also giving you a boost of energy and insight to move you in the right direction. Listen for the quiet, stable voice within you. Notice where the Universe is trying to guide you. There are new opportunities everywhere, and they will be easy to recognize if you keep yourself centered and aware.

You may feel impatient, but that’s just the Aries fire fucking with you. Breathe slowly, evenly, and channel that fire into your personal reserves of energy. You have plenty of time here. Dreams are becoming reality under this New Moon Eclipse, so don’t rush them. Let them unfold naturally and beautifully.


And here’s my offering to you: A New Moon Eclipse mini-oracle-reading for each astrological sign! Our featured deck this month is the Animal Spirits Knowledge Cards by Susan Seddon Boulet. 


Aries:  Bull – renewal, fertility, growth

Taurus: Birds – soul, liberation, creativity, rebirth

Gemini: Jaguar – wholeness, healing, magick, divinity

Cancer: Deer – initiation, regeneration, independence

Leo: Parrot – love, communication, messenger

Virgo: Leopard – strength, purity, hunting

Libra: Seahorse – guidance, transformation, feminine energy

Scorpio: Cow – abundance, beauty, fertility

Sagittarius:  Crocodile – opportunity, life, risk vs. reward

Capricorn: Snake – transformation, healing, sexuality

Aquarius: Bear – healing, invulnerability, holiness

Pisces: Dove – inspiration, love, peace





Download the New Moon Guided Meditation as a new moon ritual, an intention setting, or as a tool of lunar magick.


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Looking to do some shadow work this solar eclipse? Download this FREE Shadow Work Journal from Luna Healing Arts.


Also, check out Forever Conscious Horoscopes for Aries season – some wonderful information here for each astrological sign!

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