Capricorn New Moon and Intuitive Tarot: January 2024

Capricorn New Moon and Intuitive Tarot: January 2024

January 11th, 2024: New Moon in Capricorn

A New Moon for a New Year! The Capricorn vibration offers exactly what is needed to make 2024 your year of manifested blessings: a space to plot, to plan, and to set intentions.

The New Moon is typically a space where we can release the past and plant new seeds, and this lunation in particular helps to focus and commit our energy towards the prosperous future. If you’ve been getting that “something is about to happen” feeling lately, this lunar cycle is the energy that kickstarts that ‘something’ into being. It’s as if the Universe is the waitress asking to take your order – and the menu is infinite. They make everything here!

What do you want to create this year? What do you want to add to your life, what are you working towards?

Take the time this week to make your lists for the year. What do you want to manifest for yourself personally, occupationally, spiritually? Plan and commit to your daily routine, as well as ensuring that those daily actions contribute to your long-term goals. Consider where and how you need to shift in order to make these plans flow smoothly.

And here’s a little extra guidance: A New Moon in Capricorn mini-divination for each astrological sign! Our featured deck this month is The Priestess of Light Oracle by Sandra Anne Taylor and Kimberly Webber. 


Aries: Go with the Flow – Stop trying to force your will. Accept the situation for what it is, then act accordingly.

Taurus: Hostilities – Protect yourself from those people and situations that drain your energy and peace. Use your anger as a tool, not a weapon.

Gemini: Shamanic Journey – Connect with your Higher Self and allow your intuition to lead the way. Your life transformations have begun.

Cancer: Divine Masculine – Creative energy is flowing like the river. Dive in! Focus on your art and how to share it with the world.

Leo: Telepathy – Divine messages are being delivered. The Universe is trying to speak to you, so be on the lookout for signs.

Virgo: Portal – Your consciousness is expanding. You can trust your choices and decisions without the input of others.

Libra: Power Over Difficulty – Time to reinforce your boundaries. Toxic people do not deserve your time or attention.

Scorpio: Wisdom – Education is key for you this lunar cycle. Invest in learning and studying the subjects you crave.

Sagittarius: River of Blessings – Past troubles are washing away, and new abundance and blessings flowing in. Open yourself to receive.

Capricorn: Bright Heart Light – Show yourself the love and compassion you so easily offer to others. Accept assistance from those who love you enough to give it.

Aquarius: Adjustment – Slow down. Be sure that where you are heading is where you want to go. Take stock and make the necessary course corrections.

Pisces: Sacred Breath and Sound – It’s time to speak up. Communicate what you need, how you feel, and you’ll find the strength you’ve been seeking.





Download the New Moon Guided Meditation as a new moon ritual, an intention setting, or as a tool of lunar magick.

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