Creating a Book of Magickal Manifestation

Creating a Book of Magickal Manifestation


Art and writing are the secret weapons of my Priestessing. I’ve always been drawn to the arts, and I spent much of my youth writing and drawing – I dreamed of being a fashion designer/fantasy writer. When Goddess found me, these creative practices naturally folded into my spirituality. The magick of pigment, of shapes and brushstrokes, of prose and verse became a powerful source of magick and witchcraft, flowing through my hands and onto the page. These creations became a blueprint for my goals and desires to manifest in the world.  

I call it wordcrafting, and color magick, and it’s a creative spiritual practice that invites exploration and experimentation.

So this New Year Eve, instead of making a list of resolutions I’m going to forget by mid-January, I’m trying something new. I’ve started an art journal and I’m creating pieces that represent my goals for the year.  I’m naming it MY MAGICKAL BOOK OF MANIFESTING.

By creating an art journal page for each of my 2023 desires, I’m calling in the power of color, words, patterns, and sensual expression for each goal. I’m aligning my magick with the energy of Goddess, and crafting my spell on the page. I’m less likely to forget my objectives because I’m making my desire tangible, in a way I love to create. Plus, I’m producing a visionboard of sorts, a powerhouse of magickal activity that grows more active and potent each time I look at it.

And as more aspirations make themselves known throughout the year, I can keep adding to my journal, which not only gives me room to expand creatively as I learn new techniques, but grow my magickal and spiritual practice.

Here’s a couple of in-progress pages I’ve been working on:


I found that script in an art magazine and I thought it summed up one of my goals for 2023 perfectly, LOL! I used a red background to represent my business as well as passionate love; the honeycomb, bees, and gold coloring representing Goddess and the Solar God, studiousness, and prosperous flow; pink tones for unconditional love and happiness; black for the mystery of how these blessings will be delivered; silver for the Divine Feminine and lunar energies; my feelings and hopes written in white ink for magick and rebirth. Not quite finished yet, but you get the idea!


This one is a base for a new goal, that I haven’t quite found the words for. But, I know how that desire feels inside me: vintage-y yet bright, modern yet ancestral, structured yet leaving room for surprises. So I worked intuitively to create the visual interpretation for those feelings. The flowers are actually napkins from a museum trip, the text from an old beloved book, and a bit of flourish with texture paste, watercolors, and a building block stencil.  I threw in some bits of ephemera for flair. Eventually I’ll add the text to the pages, once I find the right combination of words to represent my goal.


So if you’re feeling inspired, and a bit artsy, I invite you to design your own Book of Magickal Manifesting. All you need is a blank book with good, sturdy mixed media paper, and whatever art supplies you enjoy creating with. Check out YouTube videos on art journaling and mixed media art for inspiration.

Use your knowledge of magickal tools and correspondences and combine them with your creativity. Work intuitively as your desires come, or approach the practice structurally by making a list of your 2023 goals. If you follow the witchy traditions of choosing your Goddess, word, song, and color for the New Year, you can make art journal pages for those things as well.

And most importantly: have fun! Don’t worry about your level of artistic ability, or whether your creations can hang on museum walls. Just have fun. The joy you take in creating is the true magick and feeds the manifestation vibration to achieve your goals. That power flows out of your heart and your art to positively affect every part of your life and spirit!


Happy Manifesting for 2023!



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