Elemental Magick: The Power of Spirit

Elemental Magick: The Power of Spirit

In witchcraft and other spiritual practices, the elements represent particular aspects of our mental, physical, and emotional selves.  By studying the characteristics of these energies, you gain a greater understanding of yourself, as well as your magick and spellcraft.

Elemental Spirit is the force behind all of existence. This power does not quite represent deities, but more so the power behind the Divine: the absolute, constant source of all life. It is the all and the nothing; the place of potential, the pulse of energy that is all things at once – chaos and order, joy and sorrow, life and death. Spirit is where the unconscious mind meets the conscious, the beginning and end of all manifestation. It is power without awareness, without form, and awaits our instruction in order to take shape and/or act, in whatever way we see fit.

 As such, elemental Spirit is the energy that all the other elements emerge from; it is also what is created when the elements meet in perfect balance.  It is here that we see how beneficial it can be to our psyche and our existence to achieve a balance of earth, air, fire, and water energy in ourselves.  Air supplies our wisdom and planning, Fire our desires and passion, Water our love and intuition, and Earth our security and sense of self. Each element is dependent up on the other; excess of one leads to depletion of another, making for a chaotic and confusing experience. Spirit can also be channeled on its own as the centering force of your ritual or your healing practices.

Air is the wind, the breath of creation
Fire is the sun, the spark of creation
Water is the oceans and rains, the blood and tears of creation
Earth is the mountains and soil, the body of creation.
These combined with Spirit are the elements of life and magick.
- Sherry Lore


Elemental Spirit can also viewed as the soul, the energy of the Divine housed in our physical bodies. This is sometimes referred to as the “Divine Spark”, that energy that animates our mind, body, and heart. Within this concept we see there is no separation between us and the rest of humanity, regardless of age, race, sex, etc.  We all come from the same source, sharing the same basic needs, the same base experience of existence on this planet.  Further along the spectrum, we see that there is no separation between us and God/Goddess/All That Is  – it is all the same energy. The power we subscribe to deities is the power we are created from, what we hold within us; which means we have access to the tools, magick, and wisdom to create and manifest whatever type of experience we want in this life.

Elemental Spirit is where we realize there is no past and no future – there just IS.   And yet, there still exists infinite possibility of what can be created and experienced. In some traditions, Elemental Spirit is called Akasha, and is thought to be the etheric source of time, wisdom, and life itself.


Rules over: The All and the Nothing. All of Existence, and the Void of Existence. Transcendence, transformation, the deity within us all, all other elements in balance, seeking the mystery, the spirit that moves us, centered and still.

Direction: All, and/or Center. Above and Below.

Time of Day: Beyond all time, because all time is one.

Season: All

Colors: Black, Purple, White, Metallics.

Sense: All. Intuition

Astrological Signs: All, and none.

Tarot Correspondence: Major Arcana.

Type of Energy: All, and none.

Tools: Everything, and nothing. Yoni and the Lingham. The Voice. Cosmic Egg.

Natural Symbols: Space. Humanity. Existence of all things. The destruction of all things.

Animals: All, and none. The Sphinx. Kundalini Serpent.

Places: The Void. Outer space. The unconsciousness mind.

Ritual Forms: Meditation, communion with nature/deity, divination


Spirit Goddesses

All and none. You, yourself.

However, if you want to work specifically with elemental Spirit, you can study Goddesses that are said to have created the universe, and those of deep magickal and transcendental wisdom. Meditation, and praying/speaking directly to these deities are the best way to connect.

Here are some examples:

Aditi/Lajja Gauri (India)

Asherah/Shekina (Middle East/Gnostic)

Kali Ma (Hindu)

Mawu (African)

Sophia (Gnostic)

Tiamat (Babylonian)


Journal Questions

  • Where you ever afraid of the dark as a child? Are you still? Why or why not?
  • How can you embrace yourself as a divine being? What stops you from living your best life?
  • What secret are you tired of keeping? Give yourself permission to tell yourself the truth, even if it’s just on paper.


Bonus Activity

Create a spiritual plan for yourself. How can you embrace a spiritual frame of mind, in every aspect of your life? What can you do daily that will connect you to spirit, and remind you of your power?


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