Sagittarius New Moon and Intuitive Tarot: December 2023

Sagittarius New Moon and Intuitive Tarot: December 2023

December 12th, 2023: New Moon in Sagittarius

December 13th, 2023: Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn and Sagittarius


The New Moon in Sagittarius brings in some fire to light our way these last few weeks of the year. Within this vibration, we begin to gain a deeper understanding of the things we want and how best to achieve them. Your focused thoughts and desires aligned with the energy of this New Moon make a powerful combination, potent enough to have everything you are calling forth manifesting by the full moon.

Use this insight to help manifest the last of those 2023 intentions, and to prepare you for the new journey ahead in 2024. This lunar cycle, guide yourself to be as optimistic as possible. As joyful as possible. As loving, as faithful, as hopeful as possible. This moon wants to encourage us, and its in our best interest to allow it.

With the added energy from the upcoming Mercury Retrograde, the veil between the conscious and the unconscious mind thins, giving intuition a boost. While Mercury may have you feeling a bit lightheaded and unfocused at times, you can depend on your intuition to support you this lunar cycle.  With a thin veil we receive clearer guidance from deities, guides, and the higher self. Pay attention to your dreams, and invest some time in divination, whether for yourself or others.

And speaking of divination, here’s my offering to you: A New Moon in Sagittarius mini-tarot-reading for each astrological sign! Our featured deck this month is the Hoodoo Tarot by Tayannah Lee McQuillar (Author) and Katelan V. Foisy (Artist).


Aries: Seven of Knives – It’s time to come clean. Offer and ask for forgiveness when necessary, from yourself and others.

Taurus: Nine of Coins – Acknowledge and enjoy the luxuries that surround you, and watch how that energy multiplies your blessings.

Gemini: The Big Queen (Empress) – Make a point to nurture the love and beauty in your life this week. Your energy feeds generations.

Cancer: Ten of Sticks – Ask for the help you need, so that you can rest and restore this week. You’ve earned it.

Leo: Ten of Baskets – Reconnect with your friends and family. Socializing will give you the answers you’ve been seeking.

Virgo: Dr. Grant (The Hermit) – Take some time to reflect this week. Don’t be afraid of your own thoughts, just dig deeper to find the root of your feelings.

Libra: Eight of Coins - You’re ready to learn something new. Make an investment of time or money towards your education and talents.

Scorpio: Dr. Buzzard (Justice) – While it may be “your way or the highway”, consider if compassion is a better option this time. Some relationships are worth saving.

Sagittarius: Aunt Caroline (Wheel of Fortune) - Take a moment to get the full picture of the situation before you react. Making an assumption makes an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘mption’.

Capricorn: Three of Baskets – Sharing ideas with colleagues is a beneficial and prosperous activity for you this week. Their wisdom is worth retaining, and you’ve got some to share.

Aquarius: Courting (The Lovers) – Make sure the things you are giving your attention to are still worth your time.

Pisces: Mother of Coins - Your quality of life is about to improve! Make sure your mental state, as well as your physical home, has you ready to receive.





Download the New Moon Guided Meditation as a new moon ritual, an intention setting, or as a tool of lunar magick.

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