Sowing the Wild Seeds of Your Heart

Sowing the Wild Seeds of Your Heart

Our bodies, like the seasons, travel in cycles. And now upon the earth and within ourselves it is the dark time; winter, when the earth sleeps and heals itself in preparation for spring. As springtime is a space of new beginnings, growth, of rebirth, now is the time to ready ourselves for the future.  It’s time for us to prepare, and to plant new seeds so that they may grow and blossom in our lives.

Our hearts are the soil of our soul, and whatsoever we plant in our hearts takes root. It grows, nourished by our thoughts, actions, and our beliefs. Many times in our lives we inadvertently plant negative seeds in the soil of our hearts.  We go through harsh experiences, we deal with un-evolved people, and our foundation of love and trust becomes tainted.

Winter is the perfect time to uproot those negative things, and to gather the positive seeds to be watered with love instead of doubt, to be nourished with righteous action instead of self-defeating movement.

Today is the day to ask yourself what negative seeds you have planted in your heart. Are there weeds sprouting in your garden? Have you planted the seeds of anger, depression, of self-doubt? Have you allowed others to dig up your soil/soul?

The following is ritual that can be completed as a solitary practitioner; however it is best performed within a group setting, so that as a group we can help each other release those things that no longer serve us and move into the divine plan for our lives. We all feel alone and lost at times, like we are the only ones going through our particular trauma or drama; performing this ritual with a group of encouraging women is ideal so that you all can support one another with smiles and loving energy, and know that whatever you are releasing, there is someone within the circle who can support you in it. Performing the ritual with others allows your sisters to stand in agreement with you, that your combined energy and grace may feed all everyone’s needs.

You will need:

  • A large bowl or gourd, filled with planting soil
  • A variety of wildflower seeds – minimum thirteen (you can find these in the gardening section of any major retailer. Wildflower seeds are best as you can plant them any time of year, and they will grow and flourish in spring and summer.)
  • Decorative cloth bags (optional - the 99 cent store is always good for things like that)

Fill the bowl/gourd with the planting soil. The bowl represents the womb of the Goddess, the womb of the earth where all things are created.  You may want to energetically prepare the soil by charging it with love and acceptance before the ritual. Also, you may color coordinate the bowl for the purpose (green, brown, or white).

The participants should gather in a circle, with the bowl in the center next to the container of seeds. Have each woman take a moment to go within, to be honest with themselves about what negative seeds have been planted in their hearts and they would like to uproot, and the positive they wish to plant. Then go around the circle, and each participate will step forward, say their name, and the seed they wish to uproot. Take the time to support the speaker energetically while they verbalize their needs.  Then have the speaker will take a handful of the wildflowers seeds, and state the new positive ideas and energy they are planting into their heart. The other participants should continue honoring and supporting their sister with energy. At that time, the speaker will place the seeds into the bowl, representing the planting of their desires into their heart, and the heart of the Goddess.

Go around the circle until every woman has had her turn. At that time, as priestess of the rite, you can take the bowl of soil and seeds and plant them somewhere where they will flourish (during the ritual or at a later time). Or you can get some pretty little cloth bags and fill them with the soil/seed mix, and give one to each participant.

If you choose the latter option, be sure that every woman understands that they not only hold their own positive seeds in their hands, but the happiness of the other participants as well – and that the seeds must be planted. The participants can be holding the light and energy of the circle while you are filling the bags. Then close the ritual in your usual way.

If you perform this ritual as a solitary, follow the same order but be sure to add in a period of meditation before you speak the new seeds to be planted.


May your winter be transformational, and your spring flourishing!

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