Taurus New Moon and Intuitive Tarot: May 2024

Taurus New Moon and Intuitive Tarot: May 2024

May 7th, 2024: New Moon in Taurus


The New Moon in Taurus brings forth a need for stability, abundance, and nourishment. Venus rules the Taurus vibration, and Jupiter is in Taurus as well this week, so we have both planets bringing their love-filled abundant energy to the party this week. During this grounding and supportive moon, we are inspired to try new things, and encouraged to take advantage of both the spiritual and physical world support offered.

Like all New Moons, this lunation is the time to make your plans, to plant your seeds for manifestation. Within the Taurus vibe, you’ll find the greatest benefit in focusing on intentions that increase your comfort, maximize your abundance and prosperity, and connect with the energies of the root and sacral chakras. This is the time to find new methods of establishing safety and security in your life, and embracing your desires with a “can-do” attitude.

Nurture yourself this week. Give yourself everything you need to feel confident, beautiful, and centered in your heart. Take care to identify your worth by the love you carry, not your bank account or possessions. Your relationships, material belongings, and physical surroundings should represent your truest self, not define it. The more you care for yourself, the more your life begins to reflect that love in every area.


And here’s my offering to you: A New Moon mini-oracle-reading for each astrological sign! Our featured deck this month is the Weavers’ Oracle by Carolyn Hillyer.



Aries:  SILENCE – The Hollowing Woman. The changes coming will lead to your restoration. Light emerging from darkness.

Taurus: HOPE – The Bleeding Woman. Releasing grief to find freedom and hope. Magick can be birthed from the lessons of the past.

Gemini: BROKEN – Shaman Weaver of Desert. Asking for help does not require negating  your boundaries. Find the balance between the two.

Cancer: SALMON – Ancestor of the Remembered Home. Connecting to archetypal Mother energy. Honoring the ancestors and the power they have transmuted to you.

Leo: BEAR – Dreamer of Primordial Stories. Slow down. Rushing through the process causes you to miss messages from the beyond.

Virgo: RUNNER – Shaman Weaver of Valleys. Choose your path wisely. Your steps inspire others to discover their power.

Libra: SHARD – Shaman Weaver of the Tundra. The rhythm of the earth is a tool for you. Ground, center, and be whole within your skin.

Scorpio: OCHRE – Udegan of the Spirit Spindle. Your period of mourning will pass. Be open and accepting of the new version of yourself that is created from this process.

Sagittarius:  SNAKE – Dreamer of the Bright Hearth. Your energy is at a peak, and manifestation is eminent. Express yourself with passion and power.

Capricorn: NIGHT – Crone of Doorways. New initiations and opportunities are presenting themselves. Choose the doorways you walk through with the wisdom of your heart.

Aquarius: RAIN – Weathered Woman of the Brimming Bowl. It’s time to fill your reservoirs; you’re running on empty. Fill your cup with energy that nurtures and supports you.

Pisces: ICE – Weathered Woman of the Diamond Blade. Be bold. The path forward is filled with challenges, but the rewards are abundant and soul expanding.






Download the New Moon Guided Meditation as a new moon ritual, an intention setting, or as a tool of lunar magick.

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