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KUAN YIN Goddess Mist

KUAN YIN Goddess Mist

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KUAN YIN, also Quan Yin. Chinese Goddess of Mercy.

Worshipped throughout the world, KUAN YIN is the mother of compassion. Her name translates as She Who Hears the Weeping World, and She accepts and responds to all prayers. KUAN YIN cares for the souls of the deceased, and relieves sinners from purgatory. As the patroness of healers, KUAN YIN cures ailments of mind, body and spirit. Though She is sometimes depicted as a male deity, KUAN YIN is usually seen as an attractive woman carrying a jug of healing water; at times she is pictured as a figure with many arms and eleven heads.

An aromatherapeutic blend of lavender, peppermint, and frangipani essential oils.

2-ounce bottle.