Elemental Magick: The Power of Fire

Elemental Magick: The Power of Fire

In witchcraft and other spiritual practices, the elements represent particular aspects of our mental, physical, and emotional selves. Earth is our sense of security and abundance; Air our wisdom and how we act up on it. Fire is our passions and desires; Water our love and compassion. Spirit is our connection to the Divine and the mysteries of the subconscious.  By studying the characteristics of these energies, you gain a greater understanding of yourself, as well as your magick and spellcraft.

We move from Eastern Air into the South, where we find elemental Fire. It is the force of the will, of change, of passion. The mythical phoenix is the perfect representation of elemental fire: the bird that burns to death and then is reborn from its own ashes.

Fire is a destructive force that demolishes what no longer serves us, and transforms that stagnant energy into something fresh and new.  This can be a frightening process. Many people are intimidated by the element of Fire, because it burns away illusions and lies so quickly; they dance precariously with the flames, warming their hands at the fire but never their whole self. However, elemental Fire demands all we have to give – it is the only way to embrace change. When we offer our impurities, our self doubt, our insecurities, and our fears to the flame, there is no taking those things back. We sacrifice these pieces of ourselves, of our lives to feed the fire, and thereby nourish ourselves with the energy for a new existence.

“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.”
- Rumi


Elemental Fire can also be a place of warmth and security; here we think of the hearth, of the safety we find in our homes and the affection of family (blood or chosen).  Heat – whether it’s the warmth of a physical or spiritual space, makes us feel secure and healthy.

Righteous anger is a benefit of elemental fire. When our inner fire is balanced, we establish healthy boundaries and embrace unbiased judgments. We then have the strength and wisdom to stand firm in our beliefs, and to right any wrongs that are acted against us.

Fire is the power of passion and desire, not only in the sexual sense but in what we desire for the world and lives. Within the realm of Fire we forget to be afraid. Our inhibitions regarding sensuality and sexuality are burned away; inspiration and creativity “lights a fire” in us, and we embrace our passions with abandon. We find the courage, strength, and the drive to transform ourselves and the world.



Rules over: passion, desire, transformation, sex, anger, protection, punishment, justice, law, banishing, spirits, success, legal matters, prophecy, oracles, independence, transmutation, healing, purification, creativity, the arts, inspiration, authority, creating and destroying, growing into one’s potential.

Direction: South

Time of Day: Noon

Season: Summer

Colors: Red, orange, gold, white, hot pink

Sense: Sight

Astrological Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Tarot Correspondence: Wands

Type of Energy: Projective

Tools: Censer, sword, knife, wand

Natural Symbols: Flame, lava, heated objects, cauldron, forged metals

Animals: Snakes, lions, horses, crickets, scorpions, ladybugs, bees, sharks, dragons, the phoenix

Places: Deserts, hot springs, volcanoes, ovens, fireplaces, bedrooms, weight rooms, gyms, saunas

Ritual Forms: Burning or smoldering, heating, jumping a flame, candle magic


Fire Goddesses

Review the correspondence list for the aspects Fire rules. Any Goddess who also rules these aspects can be considered an elemental Fire Goddess. Candles and firepits dedicated to the Goddess are a wonderful way to connect with Her energy. Sit and stare into the flames, and let them dance for you.

Here are some examples of Fire Goddesses:

Astarte (Middle East)

Baba Yaga (Slavic)

Brigid (Celtic)

Erzulie (African/Voudoun)

Hestia/Vesta (Greek/Roman)

Kali Ma (Hindu)

Lilith (Middle East/Gnostic)

Oya (Yoruban)

Pele (Hawaiian)

Red Tara (Tibetan)

Sekhmet (Egyptian)


Journal Questions

  • What are the true desires of your heart? Answer this question for every area of your life: self development (mind and body), spirituality, family, friendships, and career.
  • What fears and insecurities are you willing to offer to the flame?


Bonus Activity

Candle flame is the easiest way to embrace the fire element. Take a red, white, or orange candle, and before you light it, charge it with your intention. Hold the candle in your hands, and tell elemental Fire what it is you wish to learn/embrace/let go of, etc. Light the candle, and give thanks to the element. Stare into the flame for a few moments of meditation. Then allow the candle to burn completely out.


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