Guiding Goddess and Lunar Horoscope for August 2020

Guiding Goddess and Lunar Horoscope for August 2020

August 2020 gives the opportunity to connect intimately and authentically within your relationships. This month, it is the Hindu Goddess Parvati who guides us towards the enlightenment through love and devotion.

Parvati is the Hindu Goddess of femininity, love, and devotion.  She represents the beauty of womanhood, and is the maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess, forming the triad with Durga and Kali Ma.  Skilled and patient, Parvati seduces the God Shiva with Her beauty, charm, and wit, convincing him to tell her the secrets of the cosmos.  She is the patroness of artists, dancers, and poets.  The mother of the elephant God Ganesha, some sects also believe her to be the sister of the god Vishnu and the river-goddess Ganga. Her name means She Who is of the Mountains, and Parvati is usually pictured as a beautiful young woman dressed in green. As the sacred partner of Shiva, she is also symbolized by the yoni, aka the vagina/womb.

Parvati is the spark of passion, and the fulfillment of desire.  And since all love and all acts of creation spring from desire, she is at the root of all love.

She is the balance between strength and that flowering, maiden type of femininity we associate with romantic love and seduction. However, the womanhood of this Goddess is not the “wilting flower” traditional society would have us believe about the feminine. Parvati is both gentle and strong-willed, passive and active, sexy and athletic in her pursuit of enlightenment and love. She carries the feminine energy of sacred partnership, as she is the fully realized woman who indulges in romance, love, and intimacy with another without sacrificing her independence or individuality. Her intentions in love are not based in ego, but in attaining and maintaining the balance of power between masculine and feminine.

Here is an abridged and holistic version of the myth of Parvati and Shiva.

Together, Shiva and Parvati are the essence of Tantra, that balance of masculine and feminine energy through pleasure, love, and joy. She is the balancing factor in Shiva’s life, as important and necessary as his spiritual devotion. She becomes his backbone, his strength; his partner in enlightenment and his connection to the physical world. Their relationship is the sacred union of universal feminine and cosmic masculine, the embodiment of the adage “behind every great man, there is a greater woman.”  (Note: The Shiva-Parvati archetype can be expressed in any romantic union, whether heterosexual, same-sex, or transgender couplings. Think in terms of ‘yin/yang’ if ‘feminine/masculine’ makes you uncomfortable.) 

In her pursuit of him, Parvati aligns herself with Shiva’s energy, making his goals her goals, learning all she can about him and working to understand his thoughts and desires. However, she does not forget who she is at her core, and holds on to her sense of self and her own passions. And when Shiva finally takes notice of her, he does the same; he learns to balance his spiritual practices with the worldly endeavors Parvati introduces him to. As a couple, they are both enlightened and householders; living the divine will and existence, and also indulging in the pleasures of love and life.

Parvati teaches that in order to be beloved, we have to become the beloved:

“Parvati shows us a deeper truth about spiritual life… We can have enlightenment and intimacy together. We can know our transcendent bliss-self, and we can realize that bliss in passionate relationship. (…) To embody love requires absolute commitment, radical courage, and rigorous self-cleansing. The great desire has to be separated from smaller desires and tested in its own fire.”
 - Sally Klempton, Awakening Shakti


August 3rd 2020: Full Moon in Aquarius

This week’s Full Moon helps you focus on the emotions you have regarding relationships, partnerships, and the companions you choose to include in your life. It’s time to cleanse away any resentments, anger, and misunderstandings with those you love. This doesn’t have to be an emotional bloodletting; rather, create a space of trust and honesty where your feelings (and theirs) can be honored. Aquarius brings in the elemental water energy of love and communication, making it an excellent time for spending time with your friends and significant others in deep, connective ways. Even if your Girls Night has to be done via Zoom, if your Date Night is centered around your couch, make the effort to celebrate the love you have in your life.

The Goddess Parvati can hold your hand during this time, guiding you to connect to loved ones in heartfelt, authentic ways. Her goal is to help you balance the flow the of giving and receiving affection, and to introduce you to the truth of intimacy. Meditating with Her or chanting Her mantra can align you with the romantic and familial love She represents, and give you the support you need in order to strengthen these relationships.


August 19th 2020: New Moon in Leo

Every New Moon is a great time to set intentions, but this week’s in Leo pushes you to be courageous with your goals, to move beyond your fears and start making bold moves towards your future. It’s time to step out on faith and make the big changes you’ve been longing for. This will, of course, require a bit of soul searching, to ensure that what you are reaching for is what your heart actually wants.

There is also a great focus on image during this lunar cycle, particularly your feelings about your true self and the self you present to the world. These two pieces of you need to be integrated, so you are living as cleanly and wholly as possible.

Parvati is a Goddess who not only knows herself, but expands, transforms, learns, in order to connect more fully with others. The skills She acquires makes Her stronger, wiser, and guide Her towards Her own enlightenment. She shows you how to become intimate with your Self. Connect with Parvati during this New Moon so that she may support you on your journey towards self-love and discovery. Burning a Parvati incense or using a Parvati oil while you plan your next moves can be a powerful and illuminating experience.



Energy: devotion, sacred partnership, sacred union, femininity, romance, marriage, self-transformation, commitment, balance of worldly and spiritual pursuits, balance of masculine and feminine energies within the self

Color: red, green, pink, white

Totem: peacock, butterflies, birds, lioness

Crystals: rose quartz, quartz, chrysocolla, malachite, aqua aura, pink aura quartz

Fragrance: hibiscus, rose, lotus, saffron, nag champa, lily of the valley, violet, sandalwood


Parvati Guiding Goddess Oil  (limit quantities, available only during August 2020)

Passion: Goddesses of Love and Magick – an online course with Priestess Brandi Auset



Awakening Shakti by Sally Kempton 

Creating Fulfilling Relationships: Turning Cell Mates Into Soul Mates by Michael Mirdad 

Parvati: Goddess of Love by Harsha Dehejia 

The Radiance Sutras: 112 Gateways to the Yoga of Wonder and Delight  by Lorin Roche  


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