Guiding Goddess and Lunar Horoscope for June 2020

Guiding Goddess and Lunar Horoscope for June 2020

June 2020 shines a light on our need for guidance and supplies enough magickal energy to manifest our goals. This month, it is THE PLEIADES who lead our way to wholeness, balance, and attainment.

The seven bodies of the Pleiades star cluster are known throughout many cultures and spiritualities as Star Goddesses, the essence of beauty and celestial inspiration. Often referred to as the Seven Sisters, this star system is seen as a Divinely Feminine influence, providing protection, mystic wisdom, and guidance from the etheric realm.  

“(The Pleiades) have been known since antiquity to cultures all around the world, including the Celts, Hawaiians (who call them Makaliʻi), Māori (who call them Matariki), Aboriginal Australians (from several traditions), the Persians (who called them پروین Parvīn or پروی Parvī), the Arabs (who called them Thurayya), the Chinese (who called them 昴 mǎo), the Quechua, the Japanese, the Maya, the Aztec, the Sioux, the Kiowa, and the Cherokee. In Hinduism, the Pleiades are known as Krittika and are associated with the war-god Kartikeya. In Greek mythology, the Pleiades are the seven daughters of the Titanic God Atlas and the sea-nymph Pleione. Tribes throughout Africa used the stars as agricultural and geographical indicators, and they are also mentioned three times in the Bible.
(…)The Babylonian star catalogues name the Pleiades MULMUL, meaning "stars" (literally "star star"), and (…)The Ancient Egyptians may have used the names "Followers" and "Ennead" (…) and they are mentioned in Hesiod's Works and Days, Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, and the Geoponica. Some scholars of Islam suggested that the Pleiades (ath-thurayya) are the "star" mentioned in Sura An-Najm ("The Star") of the Quran.”


Throughout these various cultures and mythologies, the Pleiades are a symbol of the connection between Heaven and Earth. They are the earth-bound sisters who (in one way or another) are transformed into the divine mentors, placed in the sky to protect, provide assistance, and dispense celestial wisdom. From agricultural calendar to navigational tool, the Seven Sisters are both of the world and beyond it, the cosmic indicator of when to plant our seeds, when to reap our rewards, and whether our path leads to unknown adventures or the comforts of home.

The Pleiades are also associated with grief, mourning, and loneliness; communing and meditating with them offers great relief from suffering. Their starry light offers hope and solace when your world is filled with darkness. Their number corresponds with the seven chakras, and their magick can be used to align and balance these energy centers to bring you to a space of wholeness.

As Celestial deities, the Pleiades offer the mystical knowledge of universe through the expansion of your intuition. They are the guiding lights, and can lead you to your divine purpose through divination methods such as visioning and lucid dreaming. In addition, the Seven Sisters are a psychic and magickal energy source to draw upon for the mystical practices of auric meditation, astral projection, ancestor work, and accessing the Akashic records.


June 5th 2020: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

The effects of the lunar energy this week, and the seeds you plant during this time, will be an active influence for the next six months. The Sagittarius Moon has a focus on relationships – not just between two people, but your relationship to your body, your health, your work, and your goals in life. Your true feelings about these areas are coming to the surface, and it is important you maintain an open mind and a willingness to change. This Full Moon Eclipse offers a shift in perspective that will move you into a new philosophy of living.

What goals are you working towards? Where in your life do you need guidance? The Pleiades shine above you, ready to lead you to the next steps of your journey. Work with them this month to embrace the opportunities to awaken and grow into your new vibration of being. Also consider participating in intuitive readings and divination practices regarding your present and future.


June 18th 2020: Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

It’s Mercury Retrograde, you know the drill. Communication is a tender-spot, tech issues tend to flare up. The energy during this retrograde is highly emotional and specific to relationships of all kinds.

But you can use the high emotions you are feeling this retrograde as a guide to your true desires. Let these feelings steer you towards the truth of your heart and the goals you set during the Full Moon Eclipse. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge what you are feeling and why you are feeling it.

Remember to stay positive, and keep your vibration high by participating in activities that bring you joy. You don’t have to submit to the drama of this astrological phase! Keep yourself grounded in the earth and connected astrally to the Pleiades through methods of meditation and energy work. Their cosmic energy of protection and hope will keep you rational and safe from drama.


June 21st 2020: Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Cancer

The shadow of the Moon is so expansive this week it’s darkening the light of the Sun! On Summer Solstice! In New Moon in Cancer!

Suffice to say, it is a magickally potent week.

The theme of this lunar phase is balance: mind and body, feminine and masculine, freedom and responsibility. The work of the month continues, and the transformation of your core self finds its flow in the dark.   Emotions are still running high but the need to find stability is strong.  Don’t let yourself get too caught up in anger or mourning this week, as the solar/lunar energy is vibrating and mirroring whatever you are putting out.

Call to the Pleiades to aid you in this, to remind you of the power you have over your own life and choices, and guide you towards the mental and spiritual balance you need in order to make those decisions effectively. This is a fortuitous time for Pleiadan rituals and witchcraft regarding your future endeavors, your psychological healing, and your personal understanding of the spiritual world. This week is also a wonderful time for intuitive readings and healing work.


Pleiades Correspondences

Energy: cosmos, mystery, universal knowledge, intuition, divination, healing, protection, dreaming, destiny, finding your path, emotions, grieving, communication, abundance, prosperity, Akashic records

Colors: white, yellow, purple, blue, black of the night sky, gold, silver

Totems:  dove, swan, dragonflies, owl, lightning bugs

Crystals:  apatite, galena, obsidian, lapis lazuli, clear quartz, opal, black tourmaline, blue jade, pink calcite, amethyst, rainbow fluorite, blue goldstone, gold, copper, bronze, golden calcite

Fragrances: lotus, grapefruit, vetiver, frankincense, myrrh, musk, rose, sweet pea, lilac, honey, evergreens, ether


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