Guiding Goddess and Lunar Horoscope for November 2019

Guiding Goddess and Lunar Horoscope for November 2019

November 2019 brings an energy of transition and confidence, purging any stagnant thoughts and relationships blocking your path.  This month, it is the empowered magick of the Goddess Lilith that awakens our wild and creative nature.

Lilith is the Mesopotamian Goddess of the Wind, and Her most ancient forms are as the Bird and/or Snake Goddess.  Her name appears as a spirit of the wind and storms in early Sumer, and some Babylonian texts describe Her (and Her like, the Lilitu) as a beautiful, seductive demon/prostitute/Priestess of the Goddess Inanna-Ishtar, Queen of Heaven and Earth. Over time, Lilith evolved as a kind of demi-goddess, acting as the ‘hand’ and constant companion of Inanna. She speaks for and to the Great Goddess, acting as an intercessor for humanity, High Priestess, and guide to the Other Realms.

When the Hebrew traditions and legends began to spread throughout the ancient world after the Babylonian exile (586 bce), Lilith was morphed into the first wife of Adam. To promote submission and faithfulness to the new religion, Lilith became the example of the repercussions for disobedient, dominant, sexually-aware women. As one of the tales goes, Lilith refused to continuously lie beneath Adam when having intercourse, insisting they were created equal, so they needed to have sex equally. When Adam refused to let Her “be on top”, Lilith refused to lie with him. Adam complained to God, who cast Lilith out of the Garden of Eden. She was doomed to wander the earth, copulating with animals and the Devil to become the Mother of Witches and Demons.

Lilith is then referred to as a succubus, seducing men and eating children, and Her mythology is merged with tales of witches and demons to explain Her ‘unappealing’ dominant nature and sexuality.  There are some schools of thought which believe Lilith to be the snake that later tempts Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  

In modern worship and spiritual practice, Lilith has become a feminist symbol for all women who have been subjugated, shamed, and abused by the patriarchy. She is the energy of female power, authenticity, creativity, and the reclamation of the whole, complete Self. As a sexually independent divine figure, Lilith instills confidence in one’s sensuality and inspires us to live our lives passionately and without regret.

In Mesopotamia, Lilith was depicted as a full-figured woman with the wings and claws of an owl, though the Burney Relief which provided this description was later identified as the Underworld Goddess Ereshkigal.  Lilith was later represented as half woman, half serpent by the Hebrews. She rules elemental air, wind, and storms, and is said to seduce men into the temples of the Goddess for sexual rites.   Her symbols are the screech owl, the serpent, and the Dark Moon.


November 12th, 2019: Full Moon in Taurus

Taurus is a sign ruled by Venus, containing an energy that flourishes when surrounded by love, beauty, and creativity. The Full Moon accentuates this vibration, making this an ideal week to indulge in some sensuous, social, and creative experiences. However, as we are in the midst of a Mercury Retrograde, you may find your intentions clash with the perception of your actions by others. You may find yourself shying away from your own power.

Lilith helps us to discover our desires,  embrace our personal magick, and to express these attributes without shame, even in the midst of judgement and self-doubt. This lunar cycle is a powerful time to align with Her wildness and strength.

To call in this Goddess' blessings into your life, take a shiny red apple and slice it into 8 pieces. Call to Lilith in your own words. Then take 7 of those slices and whisper to each slice something you desire. For example: a sensual partner, creative inspiration, courage, etc. Cover the apple slices in something luscious like honey or peanut butter. Eat the apple, taking those blessings into you to nourish, to manifest through your body, your skin, your breath. Feel free to have a glass of red wine as well, to seal the deal. Leave the final apple slice near a tree as an offering to Lilith, thanking Her for Her attention and the fulfillment of your passion.


November 20 — Mercury Goes Direct:

Hooray! Things should start feeling more stable and peaceful as the week progresses.


November 26th 2019: New Moon in Sagittarius:

This New Moon is a bit of an intense one. Themes of change, discomfort, and chaos are abound, but that’s the perfect energy for identifying the things in your life which are no longer serving your highest good. Head into this cleansing period with an optimistic outlook: this is yet another chance for you to move those pesky annoyances out of your life to make room for something delightful and succulent.

Lilith can help you to take your anger, frustration, and disappointment and use these feelings for your benefit instead of your deprivation. She’s an expert at making the best out of a shitty situation, and Her serpent qualities teach you how to shed your old skin, cast it aside, and create a shiny new You. Keep your mind open to fresh ideas, and make an effort to flow with the transformations you’ll be presented with. Meditate on images of the screech owl, and the serpent to tap into Lilith’s energy before you work your New Moon rituals and spells.



Energy: independence, authenticity, sexuality, creativity, shadow self, seduction, manifestation, strength, protection, dark of the moon, feminism, pleasure, passion, confidence, freedom, courage, playfulness, The Wild Woman, The Intercessor

Color:  earthy colors, dark greens, olive, gold, black, red

Totem: owl, serpent, eagle, lion

Crystals: snakeskin jasper, serpentine, black amethyst, scolecite, bloodstone, zebra jasper, garnet, bloodstone, tourmaline, smoky quartz, green aventurine

Fragrance: Patchouli, sandalwood, geranium, apples, marigold, vetiver, pine, cinnamon, clove

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