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LILITH Goddess Mist

LILITH Goddess Mist

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LILITH, also Lilit. Sumerian Goddess of the Wind.

LILITH is thought to be the original Queen of Heaven in Sumer. Over time, LILITH’s qualities were integrated with Inanna’s and She became as the handmaiden and constant companion of the Goddess. She rules elemental air, wind, and storms, and seduces men into the temples of the Goddess for sexual rites. When the Hebrew traditions began to spread throughout the Middle East, LILITH was morphed into the first wife of Adam and merged with tales of witches and demons to explain Her dominant nature. In Sumer, LILITH was depicted as a fullfigured woman with the wings and claws of a bird; She was later represented as half woman, half serpent by the Hebrews. Her symbols are the screech owl and the Dark Moon.

An aromatherapeutic blend of patchouli, cinnamon, and green apple essential oils.

2-ounce bottle.

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