Pisces New Moon and Intuitive Tarot: March 2024

Pisces New Moon and Intuitive Tarot: March 2024

March 10th, 2024: New Moon in Pisces

The New Moon snuggles up, embraces the unknown, and slips into dreamy, creative visioning within Pisces energy.

Pisces broadens our artistic minds and our imaginations, while the New Moon energy brings a fresh new cycle of progress. You’ll be feeling a deep creative flow this lunation, along with a desire to invest your time, attention, and optimism into your goals. This is the week to embrace the passion of your wildest dreams, and follow your heart as a path of manifestation.

This lunar cycle is also a period of heightened intuition, so you’ll want to be careful about getting too deep in your logical mind. Trust your instincts, rather than analyzing a situation to death. When setting your New Moon intentions, consider the things you daydream about, the hidden cravings of your heart. Why not work towards manifesting those aspirations this month, instead of talking yourself out of it?

Practices like meditation, visualizing, and lucid dreaming are especially potent this lunar cycle. Also, using your creative skills in a witchy way - like writing and artistry - can provide a powerful foundation for your manifestation magick (check out this blog post for a little inspiration).

And speaking of intuition, here’s my offering to you: A New Moon in Pisces mini-tarot-reading for each astrological sign!

Our featured deck this month is The Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan, John Matthews, and Will Worthington.



Aries: Two of Arrows – Injustice. False assumptions and jumping to conclusions will be costly. Take the time to make an informative and loving decision.

Taurus: The Hooded Man. Space is needed for stillness and contemplation. Rest, and realign your energy.

Gemini: Knight of Arrows – Hawk. Things are moving quickly. Stay focused, and the way will be prepared.  Messages from the Divine.

Cancer: The Wheel.  Transformation looms. Remember the power you hold to shape your own destiny.

Leo: The Mirror. Patience is required, with yourself and others. Hidden information will make itself known.

Virgo: Queen of Bows – Hare. Communication with others offers great rewards. Business opportunity, creative expansion.

Libra: Ace of Stones – The Foundation of Life.  This is your moment! Dreams becoming reality. New sprouts from planted seeds.  A time of abundance and new beginnings.

Scorpio: Ace of Bows – The Spark of Life. Your creativity is at an all-time high and much can be gained from embracing it. Partnerships pay off considerably, in both tangible and emotional ways.

Sagittarius:  Eight of Stones – Skill.  Implement self-discipline to advance your mind, heart, and body. Finish that book, enroll in that class, start that practice.

Capricorn: The Green Man. Giving and receiving abundance. Your life, relationships, and abilities are beginning to thrive, so make the most of it!

Aquarius: Six of Vessels – Reunion. Connect with family members, ancestors, and friends. Experiencing moments of joy and love will heal you more than you realize.

Pisces: The Moon on the Water. Inner transformation. Everything around you is an inspiration. Open your eyes, and see what is unseen.





Download the New Moon Guided Meditation as a new moon ritual, an intention setting, or as a tool of lunar magick.

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